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As I walk down the overgrown path
through the forest, -
- my heart trembles
wlth supernatural joy.
I remember a place near
the east coast of the Casplan Sea -
- where once I stood.
It was Ilke here.
And the water was calm,
heavy and Iron-grey, as now.
I walked through the forest.
I was moved to tears, euphorlc.
I sald, "God In heaven,
to thlnk I'd ever walk here agalnl"
As If I'd been there before.
It's over.
Germany has surrendered.
The Reich Minister has declared
unconditional surrender...
Are you Hamsun? The traitor?
Mothertold me
to throw back your book.
Why did you become a traitor?
My dear Marle, when I woke up
In my hotel room last nlght, -
- I went over to the wlndow.
The bird cherry was In bloom.
And you were there
In every Ilttle part of the flower.
You lovely, healthy,
obllglng country girl.
You who were stagestruck
four years ago.
Innocent, and wlth unsurpassed
skllls as a wife and a mother.
I must conslder whether
a stagestruck girl Ilke yourself-
- can marry a man -
- who opposes these Interests
wlth every fibre of hls body.
I wlll always love you.
A day'swork wasted.
Stop whining.
A day'swork wasted?!
When was the last time
you wrote anything?
You said yourself, you were
washed-up, finished. Well, I'm not!
- I'm moving out tomorrow.
- What a relief.
What a relief! Butwhy did you have
to take up 30 years of my life?
If only you had drowned yourself
30 years ago and let me have a life.
What a fool I've been.
You lied!
You nevercared forme.
You were disappointed.
The holy mother.
The holy, soiled hands.
The depraved city where you sat in
the hotel, writing about the soil, -
- leaving me to have children.
You even took the theatre from me.
You mocked it.
You promised me a leading part.
- You said you'd write me a play.
- So thatwaswhy you...
You are a terrible playwright!
Then you got me pregnant and
went on about yourhigh principles.
You've whored yourideals to death,
whored in every possible way.
At yourown family's expense.
Whored, you have! Whored! Whored!
God almighty, I'm 76!
How about that fool of an actor
you whored with?
To die of volvulus. Pathetic!
My dear little Knut.
Back then you were jealous.
At least I didn't feel small.
He didn't belittle me.
- 30 years ago, but you remember.
- Shrunk and belittled.
Just this small.
Oh, you get yourway.
No doubt everyone flocked around
the Nobel Prize winnerin Oslo, -
- while I was left here to play
the little country girl.
And the children...
The children were sent away
so as not to disturb the great mind.
What have you done to us?
I'm 54 years old, Knut.
You've made me old.
You moulded me!
Moulded me!
I tried to please you.
But I was nevergood enough.
I was good enough when you were
away and wrote me love letters.
Butwhen you came home
and saw me, I was nevergood enough.
You've made me ugly!
God almighty.
We've made each otherugly.
- What matters is that I'm dying.
- But I want to live!
- Good.
- Now!
I hold the ideals
you've given me, Knut.
- Good.
- I hold them, though you failed me.
Did you everreally like
the children's books I wrote?
What matters is that I'm dying.
Did you think my books
were any good?
It's such a long time ago.
Do you want a divorce?
From Knut Hamsun?
A king doesn't tolerate divorce.
Queens just have to live with that.
It's theirrole.
Well, there's yourrole then,
my dear.
Our mlsfortune, Marle, -
- Is that I, who so desplse
the theatre, love an actress.
"The countess of the field
isn't there.
Ingeris inside cooking. "
"Tall and majestic. Avestal virgin
lighting up the stove. "
"Ingerhas sailed

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