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Полицейский отряд

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Police Squad! In colour.
Starring Leslie Nielsen.
Also starring Alan North.
And Rex Hamilton as Abraham Lincoln.
Tonight's special guest star,
Lorne Greene.
Tonight's episode, The Broken Promise.
Sally, I just can't
cover up for you anymore.
-I'm in this thing way too deep already.
-Not as deep as I am.
Honey, please, my orthodontist is
getting anxious. He wants his money.
Well, tell him you haven't got it.
What can he do?
What can he do? He'd beat up his
own mother when it comes to money.
Jim, please, you gotta go along
with me or I'm in serious trouble.
I'm sorry, Sally.
Please, I only need a couple more days.
By then, the rubber bands will be off.
Yeah, sure, then next week you'll need
a retainer. There's no end to it.
Jim, please, one more visit.
Just for tightening.
Sally, I'm sorry.
This is it. End of the line.
All right.
I'll think of something. I've got to.
Look, Sally, you know
I'd like to help you,
but with the auditors coming in,
I've got to balance the books.
-Good afternoon, sir. May I help you?
-I'd like to cash this cheque.
-Payroll cheque?
-Yes, I'm with the Lerman tyre company.
At least I used to be.
I just got laid off today.
Well, since this is your first time here,
can I see some identification,
Mr Twice?
Yeah, sure. Here's my driver's licence.
Do you have two major credit cards?
Thumbprint here, please.
Now stand on that line
and look directly into the camera.
Thank you.
Now look to your left and cough.
And again.
Now, spread your toes, please.
And the other foot.
Thank you. Come and see us
anytime, Mr Twice.
My name is Sergeant Frank Drebin,
Detective Lieutenant, Police Squad,
a special detail
of the police department.
There'd been a recent wave
of gorgeous fashion models
found naked and unconscious
in Laundromats on the West Side.
I was assigned to investigate hold-ups
at neighbourhood credit unions.
I was across town doing my laundry
when I heard their call
on the double killing.
It took me 20 minutes to get there.
My boss was already on the scene.
An attempted hold-up, Frank.
Cashier's the only witness.
According to her,
the gunman shot the teller,
she grabbed the gun
and shot the hold-up man.
It's the same M.O. as the others.
It could be, but this one
has an interesting wrinkle.
The gunman, Twice, is a good
family man with no prior record.
-Could I talk to her?
This is Sally Decker, Frank.
-Hello, Miss Decker.
I'm Captain Frank Drebin.
I understand
you've had a pretty rough time.
Yeah, it was pretty bad.
-Yes, I know.
-Do you feel up to any questions?
-I'll try.
Where were you
when all this happened?
I was right here at my desk, working.
And when was the first time
you noticed something was wrong?
Well, when I first heard the shot,
and as I turned, Jim fell.
He's the teller, Frank.
-What, Jim Fell's the teller?
-No, Jim Johnson.
-Who's Jim Fell?
-He's the auditor, Frank.
-He had the flu, so Jim filled in.
-Phil who?
Phil Din.
He's the night watchman, Frank.
If only Phil had been here.
Now wait a minute.
Let me get this straight.
Twice came in
and shot the teller and Jim Fell.
No, he only shot the teller,
Jim Johnson. Fell is ill.
Okay, then after he shot the teller,
you shot Twice.
No, I only shot once.
Twice is the hold-up man.
-Then I guess I did shoot Twice.
-So now you're changing your story.
-No, I shot Twice after Jim fell.
-You shot Twice and Jim Fell?
No, Jim fell first,
and then I shot Twice once.
-Who fired twice?
He's the owner
of the tyre company, Frank.
Wunce is the owner of the tyre company
and he fired Twice.
-Then, Twice shot the teller once.
-And Jim fell and then you fired twice.
Okay, all right,
that'll be all for now, Miss Decker.
Now, we'll need you to make
a formal statement down at the station.
-Of course.
-You've been very helpful.
Полицейский отряд

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