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fatherWe run out of shoe polish
Is that so? I'll buy some today
These shoes are worn out
They'll never shine
They're still alright
But they're still split
They're still wearable
You haven't forgotten anything?
You've left nothing?
My abacus!
The area of a circle?
The square of its radius x 3.14...
A cone's volume?
The square of its radius
x 3.14 x the height...
divided by 3
The quadrangle AEDC
is inscribed in a circle...
Angle ACD is equal to DEF...
You understand that?
Any questions?
That's all for today
How about the excursion?
Be quiet!
This class will go to Tokyo
First we'll visit the Imperial Palace
Then a number of shrines
Finally, Kamakura,
Enoshima and Hakone
Look at me
Here I go!
Are you writing again?
He's always writing letters
What big blisters!
Shall I pop them?
How are the blisters?
They're all right
Can you walk?
Try rubbing your socks with soap
Aren't they our students?
I hope they aren't our lads
Did anybody go out on the lake?
Do you know?
What about you?
I don't know, Sir
Mr. Horikawa!
Sir! Yoshida's boat has capsized!
His family are coming on the night train
I know how you feel.
But please reconsider
You consider yourself responsible?
But you did your best as a leader
The boy's family knows that
I did warn them
If I'd been more strict,
they wouldn't have disobeyed me
I've had these children for 3 years
But I became careless
I failed in my duty as a teacher
You're taking too much responsibility
Thank you for your concern
But I've thought it over
and made my decision
I realise, but...
I've tendered my resignation
You can rescind it
Listen, Hirata
Let me do it this way
The responsibility frightens me
Taking care of others' children
I'll never forget Yoshida's parents
I can imagine how they feel
They'd raised him for many years
and now he's dead
Their son died when
he was under my care
They must be broken-hearted
He ever bought them a souvenir
I'd despise his teacher
He's not a good teacher
This job scares me
I'm truly afraid
I'm not suited for it
And your son
What'll you do?
I'll return to my home town
I have an old friend there
I'll stay there and think it over
I'm back!
Hello, sir
Welcome home, son
Is it far to Ueda?
Another 40 minutes. Tired?
No. Is it a big town?
Sure it is
What's the population?
About 35,000
It's famous for producing silk
and silk school, isn't it?
That's right
You forgot to trim your nails?
Were you born in that house?
Is it still yours?
No, not any more
Remember we visited
your grandfather's grave
and your mother's grave?
He sold that house
to put me through school
A kimono dealer?
No. He was a teacher too
He taught Chinese classics
The house had a big persimmon tree
Let's go to see the castle
Chew it well
Ueda is really a small town, isn't it?
I imagined it bigger
Well, Kanazawa's much bigger
It's the largest on the Japan Sea Coast
You don't like this town?
I think we'll settle here
So we'll move here?
Will you teach here?
No, I won't
I've been trying to tell you
I'll never teach again
What'll you do then?
I don't know
I have this priest friend
And I'll live in his temple
You'll become a priest?
No, priests are much more virtuous
Don't be upset
You'll have to attend school here, right?
Just endure it
School are all the same
You'll soon make new friends
It'll be better for me
You were nicknamed "badger"
I was "badger's kid"
I hated it
The people here don't know that
No, they don't
Working at the Registry Office?
Yes, I am
They have big families in the village
I registered 3 births yesterday
And the death rate of infants is low
I should have been a midwife
Where's your boy?
He went catching dragonflies
Made any friends yet?
No, he prefers killing creatures
Well, children should be active
It's a beautiful Sunday, isn't it?
You finished?
Then you can't go fishing

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