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Valeri Fokin's film
Mum, dad, Gregory's arrived!
Gregory's arrived!
Come on, dad!
Let's go to sleep...
How do you do it, I don't understand...
Let's go to sleep, kids!
Good night mum, good night dad!
Good night...
Go to sleep, Gregory, you'll have
to get up early!
Sleep, sleep, sleep...
Good night, Gregory!
Good night! Greta...
You know what?
Next year I'll definitely try to
enroll you in the conservatory
Good night...
Waking up one morning
after a bad dream,
Gregory Zamza woke to up to find himself
transformed into a terrifying insect
Gregory! It's already seven o'clock.
Didn't you want to get going?
Thanks, mum, I already...
Thanks mum!
Do you feel unwell? Can I help?
I'm... Already... Ready...
Mum, dad...
Good morning, chief clerk.
I'm sorry, something fell
down over there...
Hi, we are just... Just a second!
Gregory... Chief clerk is here...
Gregory, open up! What's wrong?
The chief clerk is asking why didn't
you take the morning train...
Good morning, Mr. Zamza!
He doesn't feel well. Otherwise he
wouldn't be late...
He only thinks about the company!
He spends all evenings at home
The only hobby he's got is making
picture frames
It only takes one evening or two...
Those frames are so beautiful!
Yes, beautiful... You'll see when he opens
door... And he'll open up!
If you didn't come in, he wouldn't open...
He's so stubborn!
And probably he's feeling unwell!
I'm sure that's the explanation!
However, fortunately or unfortunately,
we, business people, sometimes have to
overcome an illness
Gregory! Open up!
Open up now!
Mum, dad...
What's the problem Mr. Zamza?
You've shut yourself in your room
and are avoiding responsibility
from your duties in the most
unimaginable way!
I am speaking now on the behalf of your
parents and owner
and I'm asking you to explain yourself!
Your efforts lately have been unsatisfactory!
Have mercy on my parents...
Call the doctor... Handyman... Anna!
Get the doctor, now!
He's... opening... the door!
So he didn't want eat, huh?
What on earth is he doing!
Dad, keep it quiet... Come down...
No I won't! I won't be quiet!
Sorry, I got so used to them...
Don't worry...
Here is some...
No, please, it's alright,
you'll need it yourself now
I understand...
That's it, thank you...
I was that small when I first
came, and now...
You can be sure I won't tell anyone...
How's he?
Everything's good...
Bon appetit mum, bon appetit dad.
I have to see him, you can't stop me...
Mum, don't, I'll do it myself
Why don't you understand, it's my poor son...
Sure, you will...
Just don't you worry!
It's so dirty...
Quiet, quiet...
You promised me
He's not going to like it, the table,
he liked it so much...
He doesn't need it anymore
And the chest...
And the chest too, he needs a lot of space now
Oh yeah, the space...
See how spacious it is now!
I'm sure he's grateful.
That is, if he's at all...
And why that?
He's walking here too now!
Mum, let's go get some rest now...
Mum, wait...
Mum fainted!
It's all Gregory's fault!
I told you, you women never listen...
Please, don't!
Please stop it dad, don't kill him!
Today I've talked to the owner
of the shop downstairs
He's very nice, we'll go there together
If everything works out, it'll be great
We'll rent out the room, get a new housemaid
We'll charge them for breakfast and supper...
Thank you, please come again!
Getting used to it, huh?
That's good, that's great!
The shop window should never be empty
The owner is happy with you
And the customers like you,
and not just the customers...
Quiet, quiet! Get on with it...
It's not clean here, it shouldn't be like that
I asked you...
I'm sorry, I'll take care of it!
There's a no rug under my bed,

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