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[timings: tianj]
[translation: musotaku]
We have been away awhile.
My name is Yotsuya, a resident of Ikkokukan.
In case you missed
the last time on Maison Ikkoku
or if you perhaps
need help remembering
I thought I would review it for you.
In the year 1983
in a small town
on a private rail line in Tokyo
to a place called Ikkokukan
came a beautiful woman named
Kyoko Otonashi
to be the building manager.
That is how this tale starts.
With this beauty, Kyoko Otonashi,
lived a poor, struggling, spineless
dull-witted ronin named Yusaku Godai
who started having reckless thoughts.
Omitting some unimportant details,
in the end this Yusaku Godai...
so to say...
I love you!!
is exactly what he said.
Then as things progressed...
If I pass my entrance exam,
please don't say
you can never fall in love again.
Oh, it doesn't have to be me.
since it seemed she was still
mourning her lost husband.
After wasting so much time,
our ronin was barely at the starting line.
One step forward, three steps back,
so to say.
Roughly speaking, that is what happened.
Well... can this hopeless Yusaku Godai boy
become a man?
And as for the beautiful Kyoko Otonashi,
where will her heart take her?
Even I can't know
the call of a woman's heart.
And so we begin.
[Maison Ikkoku]
Should I go to school?
Ah, so refined.
How did you get in here?
What are you doing in this room?
Having some coffee...
and it seems like you only attack me for it.
Let's get down to business.
Is that okay?
Loitering around every day like that.
I don't want to hear that coming from you!
Anyway, it's fine.
I only got into a third-rate university.
I can take it easy while I'm there, at least.
You remind of when you were a ronin,
even though you're a college student now.
It really is a shame,
such misplaced priorities.
Ah, shut up.
Anyway, until I have to search for a job,
I'm not really that busy.
So for now I'm good.
I see.
Even though the future looks black,
and your life is shambles.
["You can do it." Students in demand.
Warming up for job hunting]
[Hiring managers tell all.]
[This is the kind of graduate we want.]
What is this stuff?
I don't think you'll get hired
if you don't look at it.
But you don't want to, do you?
What the heck?
Taking your DNA.
Just one sample.
I slept so well.
It felt so good.
Don't come in here like that!
And what's that you have on?
It covers everything.
Here, see for yourself.
Stop it!
Top of the morning to you.
Would you like some coffee?
I'm sorry to say all we have is instant.
That's okay.
But I'm so hungry.
Eh, who ate that stuff from yesterday?
I did.
It was mine after all.
It's my room, isn't it.
It's a problem how you are so willful.
You won't mind if we party here.
Not here!
Right, right.
Why do they like to party here so much?
Yeah, it's good to start off with one of these.
Anyway, hey! Ronin!
Why do keep calling me a ronin?
After all I'm in college now.
Oh, is that right?
But you haven't made any progress at all.
Completely hopeless.
Yep, hopeless, hopeless.
I completely agree.
What's hopeless?
Kanrinin-san [Kyoko] of course!
They went out together
on a date today, you know.
Is that alright?
There's no denying it.
That Mitaka is quite a guy.
Quite a guy!
And rich, too, I hear.
I hear he's got backing from somewhere.
And he went to a first-rate university.
And he's a nationally ranked tennis player.
That's it.
You don't have much to compare to that.
There must be something good about me.
Anything? / Anything?
Sorry, I couldn't think of one.
Me either, sorry.
Anyway, you should think of it yourself.
No way...
There is one possibility...
What is it?
Maybe Kanrinin-san likes hopeless guys.
Maybe she has odd taste.
Odd taste?
That's it!
That could be useful.
Maybe a guy who is bad at everything
turns her on...
It's a weird love thing.

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