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Why are you staring?
Aren't your ears firm?
- Test it!
And what about yours?
- What's your name?
- Grishka!
I'm Anton, Antonina.
- Ha! Are you a girl?
- Aha!
- You look like a boy.
- Do I?
Do you know who's my father? The earl!
The famous inventor Markoni!
- Do you know the wireless telegraphy?
- No.
- It's my dad's. He is Italian.
- Italian?
What? My nose is bulbous?
It is from my mom.
She is Russian.
- Does she type, too?
- She tiptoes!
- What for?
- For being ballerina.
Do you know Kseshinskaya?
- Well, I do.
So, when dad stopped loving her,
she plunged into the water.
The divers were looking for her
for 3 days and never found.
When it's because of the unhappy
love-it is impossible to find.
And my dad, too...
- Drowned himself?
- No... he was...
- The Earl?
- Yeah!
- What was his surname?
- Damaskin.
Zamazkin! The earls don't have
such surnames.
Well, he was a kind of earl.
He served as a coachman at merchant.
- As who?
- As a coachman.
The 1 st guild's coachman.
Grigory Chernikh, 16 years old, his father...
It's difficult to read.
I don't have father. And I never had.
Mother is a laundress,
he gave up school.
And he is suspected of the
burglary of Shuster's haberdashery.
- At first prove that!
- Sit down, sit down!
I can slander you, too.
Besides, Grigory Chernikh...
is an orderly, careful, polite guy.
- And he doen't smoke, I think.
- Exactly!
- A humanist!
- It is noticeable.
Well, who is ready
to accept Grigory Chernikh?
No, no, I'm fed up.
I have a hundred of such humanists.
And I have a lot of such junk.
I can offer it as well.
But otherwise we
should send him to jail.
All right, in what subjects
did he make progress?
- In drawing.
And they even complimented me for one time.
- Fine fellow!
- The painters would prove useful to us.
- You take him!
- No, wait!
- Wait a little!
- Send him now!
I accept him if these things
are given out:2 pairs of trousers.
2 beddings,
Upright bolts and screws
And nails won't be superfluous.
And sugar!
And sugar.
- One-two, one-two... left!
One-two, one-two... pull up!
Grisha! Grisha!
Here it is... about love.
Well, don't think about it...
I'll come to you,
swear that you will come, too!
I swear...
Juvenile depravity!
What a disgrace!
I'll never forget you! Never!
You are my only one!
I don't have anybody!
I love you!
Carry this sugar to her and be back immediately!
Good, finish changing
your clothes!
- Is the breakfast ready?
- It's been cooking!
The first breakfast!
- What's the smell?
- It's the sealskin oil. The deficit.
So, listen:
cook 60 helpings.
Oh, but we have
only 16 kiddies.
No matter! Let them be full.
Ella Andreevna!
Be quite! Quite!
Kiddies are asleep!
Ella Andreevna!
Are you ready?
It's high time!
Wait, don't be nervous!
Marta! Marta!
Marta, where are you?
Wonderful! Wonderful.
The inconceivable architecture.
Marta! Damn it!
I've nearly got lost!
In this house there are places
where the human foot didn't step.
Don't be nervous.
It is the premiere today.
The curtain will soon rise.
Marta! Marta!
Who is this personality?
Hey, who is this personality?
Now, Goga, ride him
on the bicycle!
I'll do it!
Yankel is here! A Jew!
A typical blond Jew!
Who do you look like?
A typical brunet Gypsy!
A horse-thief! Let me tell fortunes,
let me know your destiny!
Well done, Yankel!
You've guessed him right!
Hey, you!
Why do you pester Yankel?
- I'm not Yankel.
- You are Yankel! And I am Sparrow!
Don't be afraid of him,
he fears Kupets himself!
- Do I fear?
- You do!
- Do I fear? Do I?
- You do!
Don't you hear the bell?
The breakfast is waiting for you!
Everything is getting cool!
Put the beds to their places
and go for breakfast, quickly!
Put the bed to it's place!
Make the bed!
Why he is sleeping?
Where is the person on duty?
- Who is on duty?
- Nobody!
You are on duty now!
Take it

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