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Hey Seal, did I get
dressed too quickly?
Oh, there you are at last!
Was I supposed to think you
were murdered or something?
And that was the best thing
I could think of!
You could call,
it's been a week!
Where are my dark trousers?
They are so comfy. I really
Missed them. Lyuba!
Do you think I should settle down?
Like get married and all?
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6. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
I had an awful night.
My back is sore,
just couldn't sleep.
Yeah, me too.
Is it serious between you two
or is it just sex?
I can understand
if it's serious,
but if it's just sex - why
do you have to kick me out?
Don't complicate things,
you always do that.
And that's why you've
never scored with a girl.
...Love manifests itself as
a free
expression of one's personality.
Love is something
one can neither summon
nor overcome.
Love is a very complex
for it's a fusion
of contrasts, be that
things biological or
spiritual, personal or
social, intimate
or universal:
events accidental
or predetermined.
Two organisms
meeting at a certain time
in a certain place -
is an accident.
But these organisms have
met for a certain reason.
- That means they had to meet.
- So: one should date organisms!
Postnikov, how do categories
'predetermination' and 'accident'
Once, when I was in the Army,
we were standing guard
at a POL warehouse.
And suddenly two girls came.
They came because they were
determined to see ensign Lobusov.
But they have climbed the fence
in the wrong place
and accidentally they met me.
Hence - another date.
Tyulenev, what do you think?
What prevails in life:
predetermination or coincidence?
It depends on luck.
Hi, I'm your DJ Mayonnaise.
Let us fill our dorm
with the smell of dancing!
Git down, yo!
I said git down, people!
I am waiting for a trolley-bus.
A Mercedes pulles up:
it has tainted windows,
so I can't see inside.
But I could just feel
someone staring :
Though, he wouldn't even slide
down the window.
The trolley-bus is taking forever
so I get pissed...
- And moon the guy.
- And he fell in love with you?
I got into the trolley bus.
When it was my stop,
some dude was waiting,
not my type but funny...
He said : 'And I thought
nothing can surprise me anymore.'
They say you got a new
Do you care or are you just
making conversation?
I don't. Just curious.
And I don't care
who you date!
What do you want?
Get lost.
Hey, you got me wrong.
I really don't care.
Who screws me?
Seal, come here!
Seal, you're doing it
all wrong.
Is this better?
Take your hands off me.
It tickles! Take'em off!
Are you trying to take
off my bra?
Why are you asking?
Isn't it clear enough?
Oh, please, not in the ear.
You think girls like
to be kissed in the ear?
And here? Or maybe you don't
like this either?
Go on.
I'll tell you when to stop.
I'll cry: 'Stop it, Seal.'
- Do I have to stop?
- Go on.
- Does this tickle?
- Moron!
I don't remember whether
I've locked the door or not.
I was going to,
but then we started kissing...
Someone can walk in.
Lyuba, for instance.
She is the kind to enter
without knocking.
So, the door was open
after all.
She is not coming back.
You have my permission to go on.
Let's drink something.
Say, some coffee.
Seal, you shouldn't
tease girls like that.
Let us not push things. You
don't like quick sex, do you.
I don't like quick sex.
- When will you be ready?
- No more than five minutes.
Nothing special,
happens to all men.
- Not all men.
- Hone said he had such moments.
Hone couldn't say
such a thing!
Because Hone is a man,
and you are a seal!
That was quick.
It's all right.
All right:
as in ''you did not get any'',
is it?
You did not get none?
You're taking chances here.
The first time is the first time.
One should be thoroughly

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