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Набалдашник и метла

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You there, which way
to Pepperinge Eye?
Couldn't say, sir.
It said on the wireless to paint out
the signposts in case the Nazis drop in.
I'm not a Nazi!
I'm a British officer.
That's what you'd say
if you was a Nazi, isn't it, sir?
Drive on, corporal.
Sorry to give you so many,
but you do have six bedrooms.
No trouble.
Anything to get the poor things away
from those terrible bombings in London.
What about us?
- Yes. What is your name?
- Rawlins, ma'am.
Rawlins, Rawlins...
Yes, here we are. Carrie.
You're for Miss Price.
I'm expecting her in.
I won't be a moment.
Please don't touch anything.
Call out the air force
Call out the tanks
From the cliffs of Dover
Call out the gulls
And don't forget the loyal territorials
But who's digging in here
Who will defend
Every inch of England
No matter what they send
Who's standing firm
In our own front yard
The soldiers of the old Home Guard
That's who
The soldiers of the old Home Guard
We wrote the story of the old brigades
We know the glory of yesterday's parades
Who's standing firm
In our own front yard?
The soldiers of the old Home Guard
That's who
The soldiers of the old Home Guard
- Halt!
- Carry on, sergeant.
Captain Greer, sir,
from headquarters at Tidbury,
here to check military preparations
in the area.
Tell them Pepperinge Eye
has matters well in hand.
Nevertheless, I...
What on earth is that?
Good morning, General.
I received your message, Mrs. Hobday.
I assume my parcel has arrived.
- It's in the office.
- How lovely.
- Who is that?
- Miss Price. Splendid woman.
Her late father served with me.
What's she burn in this?
It smells like sulfur.
Ridiculous! One can't make motor fuel
out of sulfur.
Here we are. Another object from
Professor Emelius Browne in London.
Thank you.
- Is it what you expected?
- I imagine so.
Prof. Browne sent you a cat last time,
did he not?
- Professor Browne is well?
- I haven't the faintest idea.
Are we to have
the pleasure of meeting him?
I very much doubt it.
I don't know him personally.
- Was there something else?
- Yes. Would you come this way?
- I'm very anxious to get home.
- Come along, please.
Get down, Charlie.
Stop it this instant!
Children, this is Miss Price.
Carrie, Charles and Paul Rawlins,
all the way from London.
- How do you do?
- How are you, miss?
The government are trying to evacuate
children into the country.
- Very sensible.
- Today they sent us 45.
I've had to find homes
for all of them at very short notice.
These are the last three.
All right, children.
Pick up your things.
You're not suggesting
I take these children into my house?
- Exactly.
- That's quite out of the question.
Children and I don't get on.
I'll believe you, miss.
Come on. Back to London.
Be quiet.
Besides, I have important work to do.
Miss Price, you do have
that entire house to yourself.
According to the order of the Ministry
of Civil Defense, you have no choice.
I see.
If that is the case,
I shall take them into my house
with the understanding that you find
another home as soon as possible.
Fine. Come along.
Good morning, Miss Price.
There they are.
Miss Price, what a charitable thing
you are doing,
taking in these poor unfortunates
from the city.
- Hold this very carefully.
- I wonder if I may drop by later.
We have their spiritual needs
to consider now, do we not?
That won't be necessary.
They won't be with me for long.
My parcel, please.
Bring your things inside.
- Bit murky, ain't it?
- Yeah.
Not another house
round here for miles.
Wipe your feet.
Big place, this.
Who else lives here?
I live alone.
It suits my purpose.
All right. Come along, everybody.
Sorry, miss. The cat startled us.
No need for alarm.
You just frightened him, that's all.
Yeah, he's scared to death.
You can see that.
What do you call your cat?
I don't believe in giving animals
ridiculous names.
I call him Cosmic
Набалдашник и метла

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