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Кто расскажет небылицу

This film was comissioned by the USSR
State Committee of TV and Radio.
A production of "Armenfilm", 1982
Who can tell a tall-tale?
Animator R. Saakyants
Based on an armenian fairy -tale
First Councillor
What can I do for His Majesty?
His Majesty would like to be entertained.
Simply entertained or instructively?
Instructively simple.
Got you!
Here's my advice:
Make an announcement to your people
asking them to tell you a tall tale.
And to whomever you say
"It's not  true! I don't believe you!"
they will get half the kingdom as a reward.
And what if I say "True, I believe you"
What do you mean "If"?
You absolutely must say "I believe you!"
Then everyone'll have to give you all their property.
Got you!
Announcement to my people:
The one who tells me a tall tale to which I say
"Nonsense! I don't believe you"
will get half the kingdom as a reward.
Who wants to get half the kingdom?
Who wants to get half the kingdom?
Latest news from the Kingdom:
300 tales have already been told
to the King over the past three days.
All 300 story-tellers have given
all their property to the Treasury
completely willingly.
Who else wants to get half the kingdom?
Half the Kingdom!
One can build a whole house with that!
And I will get a cow!
And there we'll erect a barn.
And here we'll have a fountain!
Let's go to the Palace!
Good Riddance!
They will take the shirt off your back
Don't speak to your elders
and betters like that!
Ok, then. I'll come along
to help you out.
I'll beggar everyone!
Everyone will be a beggar,
the Treasury will get all their property.
Well, here's the story, my Lord.
I'm all ears and believe
every word you say.
Er...I once had a white ... um ... goose
One day I harnessed it to a cart
and went to run some errands.
I got hungry on my way.
I thought to myself:
"Why don't I eat one half of the goose,
and continue on my way on the other half?"
So, I spiced it with some salt and pepper,
drizzled some peanut oil onto it...
Well, sewing the sky is a good and useful deed...
if you sew it properly.
This morning it was drizzling again.
Other than that, I believe you.
What's not to believe?
Well, then.
It happened last winter
in the full glare of the midday sun,
when the watermelons on
the trees hadn't ripened yet.
True, true.
Never a truer word spoken.
Hares, watermelons ...
they are all out of hand.
They've run wild by attacking people.
And that giant, I knew him.
He was my shepherd.
But then a terrible thing happened.
Last week he was drinking
water from this cup.
He slipped over, fell in it
...and drowned.
We looked for him for three days,
but found nothing.
He might've been washed out to sea.
Well, little boy
I've got no time for tall tales.
I've been sent here by
the people in our village.
You borrowed a sack of gold from us
So, I've come to collect the debt.
Wait! It's not true!
Not true?
No, I mean it's true! True! But ...
Well, if it's true, then pay us back.
We all have to build houses, buy cows
before the winter comes.
My whole kingdom will fit into that sack!
The whole kingdom? No, only half of it.
Or don't you believe us?
The Kingdom
Half the Kingdom.
The End

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