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Аэроплан II: Продолжение

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Watch your step.
All Pulsar Four mining personnel
report to the resource expedition
office, level seven.
Not on a four-hour layover.
Operator. Can I help you?
Phone home. Phone home.
Please deposit $6 million
for the first 3 minutes.
All lunar passengers,
please check with Passenger
Processing, level three.
That's us.
Can Scraps sit with us, Dad?
We'll check, Jimmy.
The moon's a long way.
- Can I help you folks?
- Thanks.
Is that your puppy, son?
Yeah. Scraps is going
to the moon with us.
No dogs are allowed
on the shuttle.
I'm afraid Scraps
will have to be shot.
He shot him! He shot Scraps!
Just joking!
Blanks. See? Scraps is fine.
I says, "Whenever
you're in town, call me."
Dinner in first class will be
bean sprouts and broccoli.
- Chanting or non-chanting?
- Chanting, please.
Don't worry about
the Viatex account.
We have a buy-or-sell option.
- Watch their legal people, Bob.
- Will do.
And Bob... feed the cats.
Will do.
I'm sorry, ma'am,
you're only allowed one carry-on.
All right.
Bye-bye. Thank you.
For the best computer
officer on the lunar mission.
Simon, you shouldn't have!
I guess I'm a pretty lucky woman.
Women and the space program
have come far,
but after the wedding, no more
complicated computers for my girl.
They've offered me a chance
to head the computer division.
You'll head up the baby division
for Mr and Mrs Simon Kurtz.
That's an order, Lieutenant.
Where's the passenger processing
lounge for the lunar shuttle?
Concourse lounge "C", fourth level.
- Thanks.
- Next.
How long is my parking valid?
- Two hours.
- Thank you.
- What's the fastest animal on earth?
- The cheetah. Next?
- Should I fake my orgasms?
- Yes.
Thank you.
This is mission control.
We have clearance on two-niner
for shuttle pre-launch checks.
You are clear to descend to 15,000
and hold until further notice.
A high-pressure front's
moving over Denver.
56 in the valley,
72 at the beaches.
The Supremes hit
the top of the charts
with this really
big one, Baby Love.
I have a collect call
for Michael Reese from his mother.
This is only
part of our mission control.
Right here we have re-entry
for all Earth-orbit ships.
That's handled by the computers
and simulated by these video units.
Now if you'll step this way...
Phoenix 6, you're programmed
on R two-niner and computer locked.
Computer lock acknowledged.
Over and out.
Well, gentlemen,
looks like it's out of our hands now.
- Janet, they need you in control.
- Right.
Commissioner, we both know
that shuttle needs
another month of pre-launch testing.
Forget it, Bud.
- But Commissioner...
- I said forget it.
Mayflower is the first lunar shuttle
flying from a commercial terminal,
and the boys on the board
want her on schedule!
What do they know about safety?
The boys on the board
are under heavy pressure
from the boys downtown.
I'll be the one they crucify
if that shuttle screws up.
Not so fast. Frisk her!
These navigational charts seem OK.
I don't think
there'll be any problem.
Hey, why the long face?
I'm still worried
about the shuttle.
You saw Ted's report,
and he is the program's top pilot.
Was the program's top test pilot
until his mental breakdown.
Sweetheart, the opinion of a madman
doesn't impress me or anyone else.
The trial proved that.
Ted Striker's part of your past.
It's for your own good.
Please, may I have this bedpan?
I need it. I'll bring it right back.
Please, Mr Goldberg!
The company's doing pretty well.
Visiting hours are over.
Doctor, will my brother be able
to come home to the farm soon?
It's hard to say.
He still thinks he's an accountant.
You must believe me...
invest in money markets!
And how are we this evening, Ted?
All right, I guess.
You can take off now.
We'll finish up tomorrow.
I thought you might like a paper.
- My God!
- What's wrong?
They're launching the XR-2300!
Know what that is?
The muffler
Аэроплан II: Продолжение

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