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LeapinLarLook. Somebody's pulling down the shades.
That's no shade, Spinner. That's an eye lid.
Something huge is looking at us with
that monstrous eye.
What do you think it is?
I don't know, but we're going to find out.
Okay. Give us another pose. There you go.
Ah, that's sexy. Right there.
Hold it. Ah, that's great. Hold it. Hold it.
Nice. Ooh, that's hot. Oh, right there.
Okay, good. Okay,
this time, Brooke, I want you to kneel.
That's looking good.
Can I go to the bathroom?
Oh. Can you just hang on a sec?
We gotta get his shot.
We're running way behind.
What do you think it is?
I don't know, but we're going to find out.
EchoTango One, this is O'Bannon.
I've got a problem. EchoTango One, come in.
EchoTango One, respond.
Where the hell are you guys?
Mayday, MMayday.
AlphaBravo to EchoTango One,
I'm going down.
Repeat, I'm going down.
Heads up:. Hey:. Watch out!
What's that idiot think he's doing?
Hey, watch out! Hey! Hey, get out of the way!
What the hell's he doing?
Man, that was close. That's it. I'm done.
Is everybody okay?
MMan, what was he thinking? God.
What kind of crazy stunt was that?
You could have killed us.
What are you talking about? Everybody's fine.
Oh, my God. The hair, the makeup, it's ruined.
I didn't mean to
Trying to get a closer look, huh?
Look what you did.
EchoTango One, EchoTango One.
This is O'Bannon over.
Stupid paparazzi.
Paparazzi? You think I look like
a photographer?
Just a pervert then, huh? Peeping Tom?
LoLook, I'm sure this is great whatever
you have going on here, but.
Photo shoot.
Photo shoot.
But I really have important things that.
No, no, you cannot just crash into people and
expect to take no responsibility for it whatsoever.
If you just let me go No!
No? No.
I really don't have time for this.
You have to deal with this.
Maleko, stop him.
Hold up, pal. You're not going anywhere.
You know I tried to be nice.
You son of a bitch.
Maleko. He's out cold.
Are you crazy?
Most days.
(Special Ops HQ Pearl Harbor, Hawaii)
Major Wozniak. Wait.
Get the hell out of my way.
You're not answering my calls.
Oh, we don't have anything to talk about,
Dr. Taggart.
You think that for thirty years Earth's
been inhabited by space aliens.
And I think you're crazy.
No, I'm sane. You're blind. Open your eyes.
I have. It's crap.
It's not crap. Look again.
1975 we detect traces of a new form
of radiation.
All over the globe.
Unique wavelengths we can't replicate.
We name it Tau Seven.
What causes it, we still don't know.
And I still don't care. Well, you should.
Also in 1 975, huge spike in insomnia cases.
Thousands worldwide.
Identical nightmares about aliens.
So what? File it with all the other alien
and UFO abduction claims.
This is different. These people were driven
insane. Blackouts, breakdowns, psychoses.
Like Captain O'Bannon?
Oh, O'Bannon's a good man. He is dri.
He's a screwup and you put him in charge of
a Gatecrash search team.
And now you expect me to take you seriously?
I expect you to take the facts seriously.
Look. Altered migration patterns.
Random telephone disruptions.
When did it all start? 1 975, every one.
Means nothing.
You don't have a scrap of tangible proof.
Then give us more time.
Major Wozniak, finding extraterrestrials would
be the greatest discovery mankind has ever made.
I don't give a rat's ass about great discoveries,
My job's national security,
not chasing down E.T.'s.
Can you imagine
if the media finds out about this?
For six years we've been wasting Special
Op's forces looking for little green men.
They'd lock us all in rubber rooms.
Not gonna happen.
Now, go away.
You know what? You're not done with me yet.
The hell I'm not.
So this is island number what?
Thirty? I've lost track.
You know what? This one's promising.
Only two days here and we've already
logged the highest Tau Seven readings yet.
I'm just bored out of my


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