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1983USSR State Committee on
TV and Radio Broadcasting
Creative Association of TV Films
Fantasy told by P. Trevers
interpreted in a new manner
"Good-bye, Mary Poppins"
Screenplay by Vladimir Valutsky
Music by Maxim Dunaevsky
D.O.P Valentin Piganov
Art director Victor Petrov
Sound Yuri Rabinovich
Editor Inna Brozhovskaya
Lyrics by Naum Olev
Choreography by Azaryi Plisetsky
Directed by Tamara Vladimirtseva
Camera E. Kerch
Makeup L. Kulikova, G. Koroleva
Costumes Alina Budnikova
State Film Symphony Orchestra
conducted by Sergei Skripka
Soloists Tatiana Voronina,
Pavel Smeyan
Special effects: camera V. Yakubovich,
designer I. Ivanova
Consultant V. Belyansky, editor
Naumova, musical editor Lapisov
Produced by Lazar Milkis
Mary Poppins -
Natalia Andreichenko
Mister Banks - A. Filozov
Mrs. Banks - L. Udovichenko
Michael - F. Rukavishnikov
Jane - A. Plisetskaya, Robertson - L. Ulfsak
Mrs. Lark - Irina Skobtseva
Admiral Boom - Z. Gerdt
Madam Corry - Marina Nudga
Sir Louis - Gali Abaidulov
Elderly man - S. Sokolovsky
Watchman - Igor Yasulovich,
Bob Gudetti - Leonid Kanevsky
Policeman - E. Levin, postman - Y. Moroz
Official - I. Rutberg, butcher - P. Babakov,
marble boy - V. Karklinsh
Director Leonid Kvinikhidze
"Lady Perfection"
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning. Any news?
Nothing much, sir. 3 murders,
107 petty larcenies,
an earthquake in South Cockatoo
... a flying saucer, sir.
Anything new on your street?
- New? On our street?
- Hurry up, hurry up!
- On our street?
- I'm coming, mister Willkins.
I'm waiting. Hurry!
I couldn't sleep all night,
I am so eager to hear...
... the end of the story with
Astute Bill!
In last night's edition the
fearless detective finds out...
... that the stolen diamonds are
in the possession of a woman.
I hope you will find out who she
is, Mr. Willkins. - Thank you.
Eddie! My boy went out without
a raincoat!
Eddie! Don't you ever come near
those awful stray dogs!
- Ed, come home!
- Good morning, miss Lark.
Good morning. Just look
at this monster.
To say nothing of his pedigree.
Half poodle, half terrier.
And he took the worst from
Here's your "Dog Herald" with
the results of the exhibition.
Thank you so much.
How many times did I tell you
to stay away from stray dogs!
Go away, fleabag!
Stay where you are!
- Good morning, admiral Boom.
- Are they here yet?
- Thank god, not yet!
- The flying saucer still there?
The papers write that chances
of aliens coming here are...
I don't care what they write!
If there are chances, that
means there is a threat.
- Put your stupid papers into
the mailbox. - Yes, sir.
Wait! What is the weather
The cool westward wind
intensifies, admiral.
The devices fail me again!
God damn my spleen!
Morning, mister Robertson.
Writing a new song?
- What's it about this time?
- Listen.
Hey you, villainous nanny Cathy,
You left, and the children
have no nanny.
There's noise and din
all over the place.
All hell broke loose without
a nanny!
And I go on condemning her, only
I didn't write that yet.
My sympathy. It is your ad in
the morning paper:
"Jane and Michael Banks, to say
nothing of their parents..."
- And I should add, their uncle.
- Oh yes, uncle.
"... are in need of a good nanny
or governess...
who would go for a meagre
salary. Urgent." - Yes.
I hope you wouldn't have
to wait long.
Hold this, will you?
Hey you, underground admiral!
Quit the masquerade!
Join in.
Hey you, underground admiral!
Quit your masquerade!
Underground admiral,
quit your masquerade!
"... a good nanny... meagre
salary. Address: 17, Cherry St."
Now all we have to do is wait
until nannies come queuing...
... at our porch, eager to get
the most meagre salary.
If we can't offer a big salary,
... it is better that we say so
in the first place.
So far, if crowds do gather
at your porch,
... it is to marvel at your
dear brother - the idler.
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