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Many stories
have been recorded...
of the ancient times.
Behind even
the greatest myths...
there is a history
now long forgotten.
ln the age of gods and spirits...
the known world was ruled
by a dark empire...
from their island palace of Minos.
They worshipped the bull...
the most powerful of all gods.
The tablets recount
that as the empire grew...
their hedonism and greed
knew no bounds.
The people longed for more
than stone deities.
They demanded a living god.
ln response,
sickened minds indulged...
in the forbidden arts...
and decreed the queen
should offer herself to the bull...
to create the perfect being...
a unification of god and man.
For 1 3 months the creature
grew inside her...
pure, precious.
Every care bestowed.
To ensure safe passage
into our world...
it was cut from the queen's belly.
Suckled on the blood
of its own mother...
the newborn was
presented to the people.
The palace hailed their creation...
and the power of the empire
But as the beast grew,
so did its hunger.
ln revenge for the murder
of a royal prince...
a grave tax was placed upon
my village, Thena...
in the northern territories.
Every three years,
eight youths would be taken...
to the palace by royal soldiers...
lowered into the labyrinth...
and sacrificed to the beast.
Help me! Help me!
The empire of the bull
seemed invincible...
as the fifth sacrifice drew near.
Go ahead.
The leper.
My father says she never comes
but with an omen.
lt means they're coming.
We saw her in the forest again--
the old woman.
Danu thinks she's a sign
that the horned soldiers will come.
He also says that the moon
slid across the ocean...
and fell off the earth.
l miss her, Father.
Why did Ffion have to be taken?
How many of us must die
for this one prince?
There are certain things that
you cannot understand yet, Theo.
Then l want to learn.
You will...in time.
While l am leader of this village...
let me worry about those things.
Theo, you must move on.
You will find love again.
When the soldiers come...
if you're taken, Morna,
then my heart will die.
No, Morna, the mistletoe stick'll
keep you safe.
Say my name.
Just once.
No, don't sign it.
Say my name.
Tell us it will be different this time.
lt will not be different this time.
No, this time we fight.
lf we fight, they will destroy us.
The tax is eight youths.
We know our children
are sacrificed to a wild beast.
The death of their prince
is a terrible burden...
but we must endure it.
How can you know
about our pain...
when your precious son
cannot be taken?
Theo cannot be taken
because after me...
he will lead this village.
We agreed to keep him safe
until then.
- Yes, we will.
- No, we can't fight them.
Didi, what is it?
Your father said l should come.
He asked me to be with you, Theo.
l can't, Didi.
l still love Ffion.
Run, shepherd.
The leper.
What broods for the boy?
The mark. The tree.
l know of it.
The other half belongs
to someone l love.
lt still does.
No, she was taken.
Taken, but not sacrificed.
She lives?
She lives far across the sea...
in the labyrinth
beneath the great palace.
There she waits for Theo.
Why do you play tricks
with me, old woman...
when you know nothing of her?
To save her, Theo must kill.
Curse their god...
and kill the beast!
The Minotaur?
She was taken.
But not sacrificed.
My heart never left you...never.
lt's time.
Take the village herd
when you leave.
Their soldiers will be here soon.
l went to see the leper.
She told me Ffion still lives.
She said l had to kill the beast.
You will not listen to an old woman
who fills your head with lies.
The Minotaur is a god.
lt cannot be slain by any man.
Son, one day
you will lead this village.
We must keep you safe until then.
l'm doing this
because l want you to live...
and give the world
your children.
But the one who would have
my children, Father, is gone.

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