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Ukrainfilm Studio
Kiev, 1935
Script by Yuli Olesha
Directed by Abram Room
Camera Yu. Yekelchuk
Art department
M. Umansky, V. Kaplunovsky
Music by G. Popov
Sound department
A. Babiy, A. Demidenko
Surgeon Stepanov - Yu. Yuryev
Masha, his wife - O. Zhizneva
Grisha Fokin - D. Dorliak
Fyodor Tsitronov - M. Schtrauch
Liza, YCL member - V. Serova
Nikolai, discobolus - G. Sochevko
Olga, YCL Bureau member - I. Volodko
Olga's father - A. Chistyakov
Soviet authorities have lavished attention
on the famous surgeon Stepanov.
A dacha and a garden are in his possession.
That's where he lives with his wife...
...and where a freeloader, Fyodor Tsitronov
lives with them.
There. Grisha's coming.
Yes, that's him.
We agreed he'd arrive by four.
Will he find the way?
- Why wouldn't he?
He'll ask. Everyone around
knows where's Dr. Stepanov's dacha.
You know, Masha dear, you'd better
go and meet him. It's impolite otherwise.
It's his first visit.
What's the matter?
Have you been smoking cigars?
Please refrain from smoking.
I can't?
- You can't.
Doctor's orders?
Your host's orders.
You're joking.
I see you're in a mood.
You feel uneasy because your wife...
...went to meet
that young man.
Who do you need? Who? Who?
Well, what do you think?
Is the cognac any good?
It's superb.
It's Yulian Nikolayevich's
favorite brand.
The authorities send thim those.
Why are you surprised?
I'm not,
I just didn't hear well.
I see.
Tell him to not talk to
Grisha like that. It's outrageous.
Why are you keeping this man
in your house?
Well, dear Masha, he's my friend.
- That's not true.
You like his toading.
There are few people
like Yulian Nikolayevich.
Are there a lot of people like you?
Yes. A lot.
See, Yulian, even the socialist system
has its "few" and "many."
There shouldn't be any
arbitrary leveling, of course.
There shouldn't be what?
- Leveling.
It's not a philosophical term.
- Yes, it is.
Will you go for a walk with us?
No, dear Masha, I'm too old.
After lunch, I want to sit quietly.
Well, it's very natural.
What's natural?
That she likes that young man.
Only he's poor.
Why are you saying that?
I'm humoring you.
She won't leave you.
She got used to luxury.
You want to say
I bought her?
Yulik, Yulik!
Yulik, let me go!
Don't be mad.
What I said was awful.
She loves you. I know it.
She's madly in love with you.
I won't.
I won't really.
Come to us on the 10th.
We'll have a party.
I'm going to London, you know,
for the international oncology congress.
Yes, I know. You'll make a presentation.
What about?
What about?
Current affairs, young man.
Why are you asking what it's about?
You're not a specialist.
It's about resurrecting people.
Yulian Nikolayevich literally
resurrects people...
and you're asking so casually
what it's about...
as if it were a presentation
at a housing committee.
The cheek!
He's in the house
of a great scientist...
Get out!
Did you hear me?
He's taken to boasting
about me.
You like it.
Don't be ridiculous.
Don't forget, then:
the evening of the 10th.
I had a dream. A car
drove up to the stadium...
and a woman was in the driver's seat.
From the distance, she looked like you.
The hat, you know, very similar.
Could it be her, I thought?
And? Was it me?
No. I ran towards her,
and suddenly she stepped out of the car.
She was a foreinger. German.
With a large nose,
glasses, quite ugly.
What can they talk about?
I wonder.
Don't forget, Grisha,
on the 10th, in the evening.
That's what I'm going to say
at the international congress in London:
Esteemed gentlemen!
In conclusion...
I would like to list my colleagues...
assistants and graduate students...
who had participated in the work
whose results have just been offered...
for your review,
esteemed gentlemen.
First of all, I must name...
...my wife.
Please mark these

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