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Lenfilm Studios
and Third Creative Association
The Days Of Eclipse
(Based on the novel
by A. & B. Strugatsky)
Screen adaptation by Arcady Arabov
Film by Alexander Sokurov
what receipt? Im on vacation here.
- You are Malianov?
- Malianov.
- Give me a second
OK sign here.
- What is this
- Be sure to sign with your own name. Your own!..
- You dont have to state your occupation.
- But I didnt request anything!
- What do you mean you didnt?
I have an order here somewhere
- I dont care if you do.
May be it's something for Lida?
- May be. Does she have a maiden name?
- Yes, she uses her maiden name now.
- Ah! Its signed by her married name
Can't you just sign it?
- All right, all right! Dont be such a cry-baby.
- Ill take this now.
- What are you doing?! Dont take these pages!!!
It's like living in
a freaking wildlife preserve...
- I dont get it.
May be you could explain?
Our Lady of Peace.
Saint Nicolas the...
- (Speaking Turkeman)  eight vials
-  you can continue on your own
Yes. Yes, I recognized you.
No. This is out of the question.
It will be a disaster for your little boy.
Look, you are calling me every day.
And I say the same thing to you.
The same exact thing
Well, if you want him to become disabled,
you can do whatever you please.
Look at him, Malianov!
He has swallowed a needle again!
You are a believer, but you dont cross yourself
You are not afraid of God,
but of me, you are Yes?
- What is the purpose of all this?
(recites verses in broken Latin)
- Youre holding up good.
How are you able to work in this heat?
- I dont work when its hot
- Yeah, right...
- Dima, Im begging you,
dont make any sudden moves...
- This little gator bites like...
- It might
- I know you are afraid of him, a little.
- Me? Afraid?..
- Hey! Come here!
- Dima, dont!
- Come, come Now get out of here!!!
- See, now you've hurt his feelings
Joseph always comes when Im about to eat.
- His a coward, your Joseph.
- A coward?
- Why do you look so spiffy all the time?
- Look. Heres Andrej Pavlovich.
- Good day, Andrej Pavlovich!
Hows your insomnia?
- Eh, he cant hear a thing
Where has all this come from?
- Why, from a package.
- Which package?
- Some incontinent idiot brought it to me.
- Incontinent?
- He was suffering from urinary incontinence.
- Dima, do you have a lot to do still?
- Yeah, a lot!
- And you staying
for your entire vacation?
- Perhaps even longer.
- Here you go...
What a remarkable creature.
- I don't understand...
Why the hell have you come here?
- Why have you?
- I live here.
- I do as well.
- You are Russian.
- I dont care much where I live.
They gave me a job here, so I went.
You know...
my sister writes to me often.
She thinks Im missing Nizhnij Novgorod.
I dont even remember it very well.
Six years in Moscow
and then here...
I feel free here.
Although I get mad when patients complain
in Turkeman and
I just stare at them and
cant say a word in response.
I have received another
package recently, from Gorky.
Another two hundred families...
- Those?
- Are those your old ritualists?
- Baptists, Adventists or something like that
They get sick five times less often
than the general population.
- I have to get going.
Would you see me off?
- OK.
- Let's go.
- By the way, Dima.
Would you like to leave this place?
- Leave?
I'm working on my research...
This guy in striped pants must be a spy.
Hes listening on our conversation.
- Yeah, right!..
You can finish your dissertation later.
- I don't understand, are you leaving?
- No.
- What's the problem then?
- Where would I go without you
She's not here!
What are you looking for here?!
Get out!
- Your blood pressure is normal...
nothing to worry about. Normal...
- It's normal... normal...
Why the hell did you ...
have to come to this hole?
Why couldnt you stay in Russia?
What's this liquid

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