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Well, now, it takes
more than a robin
to make the winter go
and it takes
two lips of fire
to melt away the snow
well, it takes
two hearts a-cookin'
to make a fire grow
and, baby
you've got what it takes
you know it takes
a lot of kissing
to make a romance sweet
ooh, it takes
a lot of lovin'
to make my life complete
and it takes a lot of woman
to knock me off my feet
and, baby
you've got what it takes
I said hmm
uh-huh hmm
you know you've got
just what it takes
because it takes more
than an effort
to stay away from you
it'd take more
than a lifetime
to prove that I'll be true
but it takes
somebody special
to make me say I do
and, baby
you've got what it takes
what's down there?
Probably just whales, sir.
Take it down.
But, sir-
Take it down!
Yes, major Marshall.
Uh, sir, isn't that your-
Yeah. Beautiful,
isn't she?
Major Marshall.
B44682, Bradford.
B11567, Hall.
Over here.
What the hell are you
gonna do about your wife?
Is the colonel concerned
about my wife, sir?
She's a disgrace to the army
and she's endangering your job.
My job, sir, is to evaluate
radiation hazards to united
states army personnel.
My wife's not enlisted.
Why doesn't the colonel concern
himself with the men who are...
Rather than the mammaries
of women who are not?
That's very close
to insubordination, Marshall.
It'll be noted along
with all the other incidents.
Very good, sir.
Don't make any waves, Marshall.
I don't like waves.
Very good, sir.
The guest officers
from nato are visiting, sir.
caro, caro.
Hello, baby.
This is Yves.
Yves is from France.
This is my husband.
Bonjour, major.
You have a very lovely home and
a very beautiful mademoiselle.
Thank you. I'm glad you have
a chance to see the average
american housewife in action.
Gentlemen, I think
we must go now and
prepare for dinner.
No, don't go.
Make them stay.
Please stay.
Really, we must go.
Bonsoir, monsieur.
Hasta la vista.
Hasta la vista.
Au revoir.
Auf wiedersehen.
Ciao. Au revoir.
Why you want
to spoil my party?
You went too far today.
Half the people on this base
saw you at the beach.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Brigitte bardot strips
for millions, she's a goddess.
I sunbathe topless
and I'm a scandal.
You're not brigitte
bardot, remember?
What's the matter?
I don't make you happy?
Come on, have a drink.
You'll feel better.
I'd feel better
if I didn't have to worry
about you screwing around.
I've been good
for two years.
That's not
what it seemed like
this afternoon.
I've got a severe
radiation leak on site.
The colonel is
looking for any excuse
to discredit me.
I sure gave him two good ones
today, didn't I?
Well, yes, you did.
Where are the children?
At the cinema, mi amore.
Well, pack up your
old kit bag, pal.
You're alabamy bound.
Don't worry about it, bob.
I'm tired of paradise.
You know, this transfer
didn't come out of nowhere.
Anawalt was not happy
you filed that report
with the A.E.C.
Neither was I,
but so it goes
in this man's army.
Uh, Carly's from somewhere
down south, isn't she?
Yes. Virginia.
Well, maybe she'd be
a little happier
closer to home.
She ran away from home, Bob.
She likes paradise.
Mom will never make it.
Oh, yes,
of course she will.
It's her, daddy.
What do you think?
of course you'll make new
friends, honey. You always do.
As soon as we get there,
we'll go looking...
For the most beautiful
southern belle doll.
Maybe we'll find
a Scarlet O'Hara.
She's too old for dolls.
I am not.
Not everybody spends
every waking minute
buried in a book.
It's good to read.
Alex might just
wind up a famous writer
like her aunt gail.
She's not famous.
She writes obituaries
for her church bulletin.
you know, I got a good feeling

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