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rightSenators, consider
the opportunities
for the Empire.
At last, the destinies
of the planets
Romulus and Remus
will be united.
Shinzon of Remus is offering us
a chance
to make ourselves stronger
than ever before.
It would be madness
to reject it.
I beg you not to let
prejudice or politics
interfere with this Alliance.
By joining Shinzon's
forces with ours,
not even the Federation will
be able to stand in our way.
That's enough!
The decision has been made.
The military does not
dictate policy on Romulus.
The Senate has considered
Shinzon's proposal
and rejected it.
He and his followers will be met
with all deliberate force
and sent back
to that black rock
they came from.
Do I make myself clear?
Yes, sir.
If you will excuse me,
I have an appointment
with the Tholian Ambassador.
Of course.
Senators, are there
any others who wish to speak?
Then I call for a vote
on the motion
to open trade negotiations
with Celes II.
As you know, the Reman mines
have not been
filling their quotas
for months now.
I hope you will all
bear in mind
the Trade Committee's findings.
As much as we don't want...
Would someone alert Security?
Bring back Senator Tal'aura.
A starship captain's life
is filled with solemn duty.
I have commanded men in battle.
I have negotiated peace treaties
between implacable enemies.
I have represented
the Federation
in First Contact
with 27 alien species.
But none of this compares
with my solemn duty today...
as best man.
Now, I know
on an occasion such as this,
it is expected
that I be gracious
and fulsome in my praise
on the wonders
of this blessed union.
But have the two
of you considered
what you are doing to me?!
Of course, you're happy,
but what about my needs?
This is all
a damned inconvenience.
I mean, while you are happily
settling in on the Titan,
I will be training
my new First Officer.
You all know him.
He's a tyrannical martinet
who will never, ever allow me
to go on away missions.
That is the regulation, sir.
Starfleet Code Section 12,
Paragraph Four...
Mr. Data?
Shut up.
Yes, sir.
15 years I've been waiting
to say that.
No, seriously.
Will, Deanna,
there's still time
to reconsider.
- No.
- No.
Oh, very well, then.
Will Riker, you have been
my trusted right arm
for 15 years.
You have kept my course true
and steady.
Deanna Troi,
you've been my guide
and my conscience.
You have helped me recognize
the better parts of myself.
You are my family.
And in best maritime tradition,
I wish you both clear horizons.
My good friends...
make it so.
The bride and groom!
To the bride and groom.
You ever think
about getting married again?
23 was my limit.
Are you all right?
Romulan ale should be illegal.
It is.
That was a lovely toast.
It was from the heart.
And you needn't worry.
I'm going to brief
your new Counselor
on everything she needs to know.
Oh, like hell you are.
You already know
too much about me.
But I take it that there will be
no speeches during the ceremony
on Betazed.
No, no speeches and no clothes.
Ladies and gentlemen,
and invited
Tran gendered species...
in my study of Terran
and Betazoid conjugal rites,
I have discovered
it is traditional
to present the happy couple
with a gift.
Given Commander Riker's
for archaic musical forms,
I have elected to present
the following as my gift
in honor of their conjugation.
Never saw the sun
Shining so bright
Never saw things
Going so right
Noticing the days
Hurrying by
When you're in love
My, how they fly
Oh, blue skies
Smiling at me
Irving Berlin...
Nothing but blue skies
Do I see...
It's tradition, Worf.
You, of all people,
should appreciate that.
I will not do it!
Won't do what, Mr. Worf?
Captain, I do not think
it is appropriate
for a Starfleet officer
to appear... naked.
Oh, come now.
A big, handsome,
strapping fellow like

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