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Онг-Банк: Тайский Воин

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Up! Up!
Don't push!
Up the tree, quickly!
Pull him down quickly, quickly!
Catch the flag.
Don't let him get down
Calm down! The winner this year...
is Ai Bak Tim
Sawadee everyone...
from Ban Nong Pradoo.
We are gathering for good merit at this festival,
to give robes to the monks, and Ong Bak,
who is the protective icon for the well-being of our village.
This festival...
is to remind us that...
in 7 days we will be...
celebrating Ong Bak.
The last time...
being 24 years ago.
This means...
all prosperity will return to us once more.
Where is the amulet?
It's not good.
There is a little damage -
Not quite perfect.
200,000 baht for this is not cheap.
Why don't you want to sell it?
Ow! How much do you want?
Don. I'm not selling.
Ow! Why do you change your mind?
I came a long way from Bangkok just for this.
I've never given you any promise...
to sell it to you.
I want to give this to my son, Bak Hum Lae,
the day he's ordained here as a monk, for Ong Bak.
Call me whenever you want to sell it.
No, no. I don't have a telephone.
I'll give you my address,
so whenever you want to sell,
you can write to me.
Is this good enough, grandma?
I made it for Ai Tim for his ordination.
It's good.
Where did Ai Tim come from,
and how come he grew up in the temple?
He's now a man.
Ai Tim is an ophan.
He was left at the temple by someone...
when he was a baby.
Pra Kroo (the Abbot) took pity on him,
and adopted him.
And everyone says...
he has grown up well under Ong Bak.
Hitting the earth!
Crocodile whipping tail!
Confronting elephant!
Hanuman (Monkey) giving ring.
The threatening fight.
The rear kick.
Both elbows attacking...
followed with high knee.
Raising the army.
Getting high strength.
Cutting through the enemy.
Avoiding danger.
Putting your head down.
Knight throwing an axe.
Wave smashing the shore.
Meet friend, join friend.
Knight catching monkeys.
Breaking the joins.
Snake chasing lizard.
Cliff shaking.
Sticky water.
Throwing the spear.
Breaking the sword.
Raising the body.
Horse replacing bird.
I'll teach you all these styles...
but I forbid you to use them for money.
Do you understand, Bak Tim?
I understand, Pra Kroo.
He has gone.
You said you understood. Really?
There is a story that...
Pra Kroo learnt this boxing...
from the ancient books.
Then Pra Kroo wanted a challenge.
He went into the boxing ring for money...
and he hit his opponent to death.
He felt very guilty,
so he became a monk.
Thai boxing is very dangerous.
I don't want you to use it, unless
it is absolutely necessary.
Or are you still not clear?
Come, fight with me.
Ai Bak, here.
Come on!
Who is there? What are you doing?
Bak Don...
is the one that cut off the head of Ong Bak.
He took all the donation money too, Pra Kroo.
Bak Don! Evil son!
If Pra Ong Bak has no head,
our village will be faced with disaster.
Calm down, calm down!
We must try to get Ong Bak's head back...
to our village before the ceremony day.
Where can we find it, Pra Kroo ?
I will bring Ong Bak back here myself.
Who knows where Bak Don is?
The hopes of the people of Ban Nong Pradoo Sukon...
is in your hands.
In this tube is a holy herbal medicine.
My teacher told me...
it belonged to Kroo Dum.
Keep it with you.
This is the address of Bak Don,
and this is a letter to Bak Hum Lae.
Tim, you must return with Ong Bak...
to our village.
This is the money for your journey.
All my hopes are with you.
My mum gave me this ring before she died.
Warn, please look after grandma.
We've all contributed together...
for the fares.
He's losing.
Hey! What bike you using to race?
Why did you lose so easily like this?
Hey! Why are you speaking that way?
Win or lose is normal in any bet.
It isn't fair to blame me.
Why did you use a woman to race with me?
Why not?
What's wrong with being a woman?
Ow! You dare race
Онг-Банк: Тайский Воин

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