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Новый Вавилон

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This musical reconstruction is based
on a manuscript by Dmitri Shostakovich...
that is being kept
in the Glinka museum of Moscow.
In 2004 the manuscript has been edited
and arranged for the film's premier.
The New Babylon
drama in eight parts
during the time of the Franco-Prussian war...
and the Commune of 1871
Screenplay and direction:
Grigori Kosintsev, Leonid Trauberg
Andrei Moskvin
Art direction:
Yevgeni Yenej
A. Molok
S. Bartenev
Assistant director:
M. Yegorov
Production studio Sovkino
Death to the Prussians!
Let their blood flow in Berlin!
Let their blood flow!
War! All tickets sold out!
Death to the Prussians!
War! The prices have gone up!
the great warehouse 'The New Babylon'
the manager
(David Gutman)
the shop assistant
(Yelena Kuzmina)
And for dessert...
From the board...
(A. Kostrichkin)
My dismissal?
'The board of directors
invites you to the ball tonight.'
Let them bleed!
My beloved Paris!
We are all looking for love
(Sofiya Magarill)
We are all looking for love
I am looking for love, mademoiselle.
A deputy
(A. Arnold)
I was just saying to madame...
that the government has agreed
to your appointment.
Here's to a cheerful Paris!
To a sated Paris!
To a carefree Paris!
a reporter
(Sergei Gerasimov)
People of Paris!
The French army...
has been defeated!
To Paris!
To Paris!
To Paris!
To Paris!
How about my appointment?
Paris is under siege
Sated Paris.
the National Guard of workers
defends the city
If Paris falls,
the workers' Guard will be destroyed!
We need guns
to make sure Paris doesn't fall!
For the guns!
in the workers' quarter
When Paris falls it won't be the bourgeoisie
who will pay for the war...
but the working class.
the soldier
(Pyotr Sobolevsky)
He has been begging.
Take those boots off!
As long as you don't surrender
there won't be any peace!
I don't need your bread! I'm off.
Where will you go without your boots?
There are placards
saying they have capitulated!
They have capitulated! The Prussians
are taking away the workers' guns!
The Prussians and the bourgeoisie...
are pointing the workers' guns
on the workers!
Let's take the guns to our quarters!
Why aren't you coming?
What do I care about your guns?
I don't want to fight anymore!
I want to return to my village!
the morning of March 18th
the workers' Guard defends their guns
preparations for the operetta's premier
We are all looking for love
All we need is the horses and we're done!
What are you doing here?
What are you doing?
(Y. Zhejmo)
Leave me in peace.
It's tough enough
when you're hungry all day.
Look at these men!
Look how beautiful they are!
If only I were younger...
Who are you serving?
There's no more milk!
Please, take our guns away!
Saddle the horses!
Take your guns and shoot us!
Shoot us!
The people won't let itself be disarmed!
Shoot that rabble!
What a disgrace, the operetta is a failure!
To the town hall!
To Versailles! We'll start from there!
To the town hall!
Soldiers! After Versailles
you will be allowed to go home!
Why don't you appeal to the soldiers?
To the town hall!
To Versailles.
Jean, please don't go!
Don't go, Jean!
Paris as it has been for hundreds of years
this Paris is no more
Why we enjoy our work more?
We work for ourselves
and not for the owners.
As decided by the Commune!
We don't work nights anymore.
As decided by the Commune!
Our children aren't cannon fodder
for the rich anymore.
As decided by the Commune!
We aren't evicted from our homes anymore.
As decided by the Commune!
As decided by our Commune!
We have plenty of time.
We can solve everything.
Paris lacks money,
weapons and ammunition.
Can't we just seize shops and banks?
No, we won't threaten anyone
who isn't threatening us.
in Versailles
Why are you
Новый Вавилон

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