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Yeah, when today?
Please. I'll tell him.
Hey, kids, how we doing?
We're good. Good.
And I wasn't trying to surprise you.
We weren't really surprised, sir.
Christian, do you think it's possible
for you to stop calling me "sir"?
I really feel old when you do that.
You know, I thought we had
an agreement here.
Dad, we're just sitting. People sit.
Look, honey, I'm not trying
to give you guys a hard time...
...but we have discussed this,
you know?
Technically, you're under my roof still...
...and I don't feel comfortable
with the two of you in here--
Stop. Have you seen
the size of this boat?
Don't you think we could find
a zillion places...
...to do that thing you think we wanna do
if we wanted?
Jennifer, I'm simply saying--
No. I'm over your patronizing tone,
okay? I'm really over it.
Hey, is she like this with you?
-I'm sorry.
-No, excuse me.
I'm trying to find the galley.
I think it's off-limits to guests.
Not so much of a rules person.
-It's quite a lobby, isn't it?
This the first time
you've been through here?
So I guess you missed the tour,
then, huh?
But you had to come through here
when we boarded. Didn't you?
Through that door is a service corridor.
Take a left, all the way to the end.
Hi, it's me.
Could you call me? Please?
I'm actually begging, aren't I?
I'd like you to call me at midnight.
You know, for old times' sake.
Baby, baby, baby....
Hey. You were supposed to
stay inside. That was the deal.
The TV isn't working. I'm cramped.
I'm going crazy in there.
Come here, come here, come here.
Coming through.
It's just, Elena...
-...I could lose my job for this, you know?
-It's not that I'm not grateful, Valentin.
I'm just.... I'm so bored.
-You hungry? You must be hungry.
-I'm starving.
Now, Elena, listen.
Look at me. Promise me
you will not come out again.
The ocean has always been
the cradle of rebirth.
Since man first emerged
from these salty depths...
...we have looked to water as a chance
to begin anew.
Poseidon was the god of the sea.
He made his home on the ocean floor
in a palace of coral and gems.
And so, what better way to celebrate
the birth of a new year...
...than borne on the back
of the old fellow himself?
May you all have clear sailing
in the new year...
...and all the years to come.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the incomparable Gloria!
-Five thousand.
-Five thousand to call.
Goddamn, boy.
You got some mighty big ones on you.
-Hey, honey.
-Yes, sir.
Get Lucky Larry another drink,
would you? Martini. Okay, babe?
-There's blood in the water tonight.
-Five thousand to call, sir.
You know, I think there's more money in
that pot than my old man made in a year.
Five, and 10.
Fifteen to call.
Happiest time of my life
is when I was broke.
Make it 20.
Let's make it 20, and let's make it 40.
You miss being mayor?
Do you ever win?
Forty more to you, sir.
Goddamn, this is getting good.
-Dad. We're going downstairs.
-Hello, sweetie. Have fun.
-Hey, Jen.
Come on.
I can see, you know.
The twins? Dad.
Can you just...?
One more button, please?
Pair of fives, huh, Dad?
Oh, God.
All in.
I'll fold.
-Oh, hey, kid, you all right?
-Yeah, I'm sorry.
-How much for the game?
-I don't know, what's it worth to you?
You were minding your own business
and those chips...
-...jumped out in front of you.
-I wasn't watching where I was going.
Come on, sweetheart, let's go.
-Sorry about that.
-Not a problem.
Guess what. Your friend the captain
wants you to blow the New Year's horn.
No way! Mom?
Go. Conor?
Thanks, sorry, bye!
-Great kid.
-Yeah, he is. Still amazes me, actually.
So the captain's table? That's a nice place
to spend New Year's Eve.
Does your husband--?
-That work much?
The tentative mention of a husband
I'm supposed to correct...
...even though you clocked
my wedding finger twice already?
It usually works better than that, yeah.
Normally what you get

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