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August 2000 Film Company
August 2000 Film Company
With support of
Studio for Individual Directing
Cine Fantom Studio
DOM culture center
Electricity... Language...
Good manners...
Kids... Holidays... Love...
Death... Other worlds...
Man isn't capable of understanding
any of these things--
he just has to make use of them.
I don't understand!
You are like a child on a windowsill,
intending to leap and fly.
You aren't a bird, Ivan!
You must walk, not fly!
I'm telling you this,
because I wish you happiness.
- After all, I'm your guardian angel!
- You're a pain.
You're nagging me! You're like
schizophrenia. You are
So what do you want?
I don't know what I want.
- Well, think about it.
- No.
Ivan, if you don't turn back,
I'll be forced to leave you.
- Is that blackmail?
- That's the law.
- What about getting a miracle?
- If I return, it'll be a miracle.
Do what you have to.
I'm going where I'm going.
So help you God.
Are you okay?
Does your head hurt?
Are you nauseous?
Who are you, by the way?
I don't know. I don't remember.
- This is a car.
- A car.
- This is a road.
- A road.
- This is a nose.
- A nose.
- This is an eye.
- An eye.
- This is a mouth.
- A mouth.
- And we are people.
- Yes, we are people.
- Now do you remember?
- Yes. We're people.
- And where are we?
- On Earth.
- Where is Earth?
- Here.
Really? That's impossible.
And what we doing here?
Your papers please.
Here you are, Inspector.
So, you are from Moscow?
Why are you here?
I've got business.
Business. I see.
We've got a small town here.
And when your kind of folk come,
trouble begins.
So the sooner you get your
ass back to Moscow, the better.
I was born in this town!
Beat it.
We used to live here.
Then we moved to Moscow.
We who?
My Mom and me.
Your Mom? Do I have a Mom?
- Everyone has a Mom.
- I see.
And where do they come from?
Do you remember
where children come from?
Not really.
To tell you the truth,
I'm not quite sure myself.
I fear for you, sonny.
You have some inner...
...some inner kind of nonsense.
You father had it, too.
Mom, tell me the truth.
My father wasn't really
a test-pilot, was he?
Sonny, here's the holy truth:
He was a test pilot!
He's flown away from me forever.
And my maternal heart feels...
Mom, where would I fly off to?
Sonny, he used to say
exactly the same thing!
What a good mother you have.
I see that you're into fantasy.
Very much.
Here, for your lady. A present.
She's got a new boyfriend again...
They altered their bodies,
and lived in a vacuum,
on the coral reefs of space.
And they had wings, they could fly.
Bouncing off stardust
and solar wind.
I like the way
you tell the story.
I keep forgetting that I'm
just actually reading about it.
It all seems
to be happening for real.
You have a great imagination.
My mother used to say I'd never
achieve anything,
if I wasted so much time reading.
So what happened?
Mom was wrong.
I have everything!
So what else would you want?
Exactly what I have now,
but more of it.
I'm not sure though.
Excuse me, could you spare
a few minutes?
What for?
Have you ever pondered
the meaning of your life?
Do you believe in God?
When I was a child I thought
God looked like you.
God looks like all of us because
we're all his children.
O-oh, so we're his children?!
Young lady, can I take a look?
It's Her.
Where is she?
She left.
They left.
We must find her
at any cost.
We must save her.
It's nice to have places,
where you're always welcome
whenever you come.
She doesn't remember.
You don't remember a thing.
Only I remember everything!
I remember everything
in great detail.
Not really.
Something wrong?
What's that?
Arkady laughing.
Arkady? He's here?
He is our third friend.
I helped him catch frogs when

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