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Завтра была война

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EndCentral Children and Youth
Film Studio
named after M. GORKY
Dedicated to Sergey Apollinaryevich
From that famous 9 ""B'' class
I have only my remembrances left,
and an old photo.
The photograph has faded
and dimmed with time.
Sometimes I think
that it has dimmed
because the guys from that class
had long gone into non-existence,
getting no chance to grow older,
and the time has dissolved
their features.
Based upon the story by
Zinochka, is everything clear to you?
Clear, clear, just fine, my dear.
- Iskra?
- Yes, it's me, Zinochka.
If l knew, I would've opened
right away.
You know,
Sashka Stameskin has dropped out.
- What do you mean, dropped out?
- He quit school.
He has only his mother.
She got sick, and he quit.
- It's awful, isn't it?
- And what were you doing?
I was doing nothing.
Stop lying. I always know
when you're blushing.
And l don't know when l'm blushing.
I'm just blushing.
I guess I'm full-blooded.
You're full-crazy. You'd better
confess now, you'll feel better.
- What are you?
- Hopelessness.
A hopeless person, feminine gender.
You're just a chatterbox! How can
one talk to you seriously?
Just imagine, Sasha, with his
abilities, will not finish school!
Just think, what a loss it will be
for us! Perhaps, for the country, too!
He could be
an airplane designer.
You've seen yourself
his models.
Why doesn't he enroll
in a special aviation school?
- Because he's got his ears!
- What ears?
He can't pass the medical checkup,
because he had otitis as a child.
You know everything -
about the models and the ears.
No, I don't know everything.
I don't know what to do about Sasha.
Listen, maybe we should go to
the district Komsomol committee?
What has the committee to do with it?
You better tell me, Iskra, have you
outgrown your bra this last summer?
What bra?
A regular bra.
Don't look at me like that!
I want to know whether all girls grow
wider or it's just me such a freak?
Your interests are all wrong.
A Komsomol member should not
be interested in such things.
I'm a Komsomol member now,
but later I want to be a woman.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Just listen to her!
She's dreaming, it turns out,
of becoming a woman.
Not a pilot, a parachutist,
or a Stakhanovite, but a woman!
A plaything in the hands of a man!
His most loved plaything. I won't
agree to be just a plaything.
Stop babbling. lt makes me
sick just to listen to you.
It's vulgar and bourgeois,
if you like!
Sooner or later we'll like it.
All right, don't be angry.
Come on, let's talk about Sasha.
You know, he ought to get a job
at the aviation plant.
He ought to study.
And then, it's not that easy.
It's a very secret plant,
and they hire only people
who've been checked-up.
Oh? You mean Sasha's a spy?
You silly, there're questionnaires
to fill.
What is he going to write
under the question "your father",
if even his mother doesn't know
who his father is?
You don't say?!
Look, how about Vika Lyuberetskaya?
Her father works at that plant.
Vika has a heart of gold, l give you
my word. I'll ask her myself.
To you, everybody has a heart
of gold.
Iskra dear, please,
just this one time.
All right, all right.
But don't postpone it, you hear?
Let me give you a kiss!
Oh, you can't do without
your silliness.
That's it, come on.
- This is for you.
- Ostapchuk, my dear!
This one will be a pilot!
And... this one will be an architect,
building the best Palace of Pioneers!
And me?
This one...
will be growing flowers
and breed the best
flower on Earth!
Valentina Andronovna!
My dears!
What are you doing?
Stop it now!
How can you beat a girl?
I don't know, guys, who
you're seeing before you now.
Perhaps, a future criminal.
Or maybe a family man
and an exemplary citizen.
But I know one thing for sure.
You're seeing now
Завтра была война

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