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Whiperwill flies about.... 27 miles an hour.
That what you thought it woulda been?   -Sure.
I'd a thought more like... 31 or something.
God damn that's a pisser
Normally I could look at anything.
Tell you exactly how fast
it's goin' within 2 miles per hour... -It's fascinating.
I'm gonna...
Get the fuck outta
the way cocksucker!
Mornin' mayor
Hi, how're ya'll doing?
Easy come, easy go
When Darwin said fittest...
He didn't necessarily mean the strongest
Or the most intelligence or any one trait
He merely meant those oraganism most
well suited to their environments
Now, we humans
We think we're more fit
More evolved because
We're smarter, We're neophytes
We've only been on this earth 2 million years, give or take
The cockroach, that fella's been around
350 million years
So based on that which of us is
the more successful species
Lots of folks build houses on unsafe ground
The erosion of Cambodia is some of the worst,
my friends wanted to buy a house there but...
Hey, c'mon
Hey Grant
Later Hank
He's teaching evironmental studies,
he's gonna borrow one of my lesson plans
Oh, I know what he want's to borrow
And I ain't lendin'
Come on you little varmits
That's it
See you guys later
- That's it
That's one match I'll never get
Ain't no mystery...
Starla's raisin' them shanties off St. Luke dirt poor
All she ever wanted was to be a lady
Ol' Grant Grant, he's always been made of green
Gold digger, huh?
- Oh hell Margeret
Starla's mother left her, her daddy's a drunk,
she's 17 years old
Old Grant pulls up, big old cadillac, house on a hill
And college tuition, what would you do?
- Hell, if he'd had a gina you'd a married him too
- What's a "gina"?
It's a country
You know where "Ginese" people come from
Learn to easedrop better
Zack, Hell! Your mother's waitin' over there
What the hell you doing here?
Scoot, Scoot!
Sugerplum! You comin' to bed?
Oh yeah
You know what baby?
I'm just not really in the mood
Come on babydoll, it's been long time we both need it
l know l'm just...
Baby come on now  l don't just have some switch
Sure you do!
That's disrespectful
Come on now, l just playing with you!
Come on baby!
Why don't you just work one out for yourself there
Oh honey l'm just not in
the mood, can't you tell?
When the hell are you in the mood?
Where you going?
Out... for a walk!
Grant, baby
Uh, yeah, hit me again there killer
Meagen Montgomery's little sister
You kidding me
- Nope!
My sister Meagen, she was a big fat old cow
and I be thinking
What's he see in her that ain't me
Shit, come on now
You couldn't have been more than 10 or 11
- Hell, I was game
l'll give you a ride
- Alright!
Come on!
- Where we going?
Get over here!
What l tell you
l had a crush on you
Oh yeah look at that
Your initials "B M"
Just like a piece of shit!
- Shut up!
At least I don't got the same last name as first
You ain't nothing but a little turd girl
wait! wait! wait!
-Oh Grant
I can't
She gets a little worried about me
if I'm out too late
I'm sorry
l gotta to go
Starla, yeah shit! Go
What is it?
I dunno
There's a trail.
Ah, oh that's gross
Come on!
Come on!
Come on, Grant
- Wait!
What the fuck?
Oh God!
Are you okay?
You okay?
Morning baby
We have'nt heard this song for a while
l was hoping it could be uh...
peace pipe
l'm sorry about last night
l don't mean to push you away
and make you feel rejected
I do want to be a good wife
You're crying
Baby, what's this?
Just a little bug bite
What are you so smiley about?
Grant and I had a good morning
and it's been a while.
You slut!
You're a married woman
It just Grant, I dunno, it's like.
It was like he was discovering all these
different parts of my body, you know like...
like little boy or something.
l'm telling you this morning I sensed a real change in Grant
Meat meat meat
Howdy, Mr. Grant
Oh hey there killer
- What can I do ya

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