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Hi, Hamster!
Hello, Suslik!
Suslik, are you my friend?
And how [good friend]!
Do morning exercies instead of me, will you?
Thanks, friend.
What are you..nning?
Then run. Running is good for me.
Maybe that's enough?
Are you tired?
What? That's me who's tired. You are running instead of me.
How tired i am!
Maybe that's enough?
Is that a morning exercise without swimming?
Let's proceed to swimming.
You have to obey me in everything.
I'm half a year older and that means - smarter.
Swim, swim...until i have swum enough.
Swimming does me good.
Maybe that's enough?
Maybe that's enough?
Maybe tha...
I did my morning exercise properly today.
Let's proceed...
to breakfast.
Run to distant field after legumes.
Through grove? I'm afraid of the fox.
Don't be afraid! I'll be afraid instead of you.
If you take a run properly and run through grove at once
you won't have time to get afraid.
I'll have enough time.
You, Suslik, need to step back farther for taking a better run.
Taking a good run is the main thing. Main thing...
This is what taking a good run means!
What? Do i have to pick peas instead of Suslik now?
Everything's alright. Just heavy.
Everything's alright. Only the way cannot be seen.
Everything's alright. Only i'm a fool! A fool!
Why do i carry such a heavy stuff so far?
It must be done differently.
Don't make me laugh. I cannot laugh.
Don't make me laugh!
You ate them!
Me? I didn't do it alone.
We did it together.
With whom?
With you.
Just so. You brough two legumes. Two.
Exactly for two of us.
Don't even think i didn't share with you.
I ate the little legume myself but instead of you - second one, bigger.
It was tasty, right?
Right. Everything matches.
I just don't understand one thing - why am i still hungry?

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