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Slow down, slow down. Move it back up.
-Here we go.
-They`re drivin` me crazy!
-Don`t go too fast.
-Come on!
-What`s the matter?
-You threw the cage on my foot!
-l didn`t do that.
-Yes, you did.
l need puppies.
-Okay. All right. Come on.
Hi there. lsn`t that the sweetest?
-He`s cool.
-l think he likes us.
What a cute guy.
lsn`t he cute?
Hi, puppy.
No, absolutely not.
How big`s he gonna be?
St. Bernards get to be about 150 pounds.
l got a junkyard.
l need a big, mean junkyard dog.
Let me see him.
Come here, puppy.
He looks good and mean.
l don`t know. He`s pretty sweet.
You can make any dog mean.
Damn little beast! God!
You got any pit bulls?
Come on. lt`s a pushover.
l cased the place.
What about the cops?
What about video surveillance?
You`re crazy if you`re gonna walk up
just like this.
What about the alarm?
All you gotta do is step over.
-l got you.
-Okay, okay.
There, you see?
ln and out, quiet as a mouse.
Let`s get some dogs.
Come on, puppy.
We`re just goin` for a little car ride.
Look at the wee, little ones.
Come here, little puppies.
Here we go.
Come on, puppy. Here puppy, nice puppy.
l`ve stepped in the beam.
Here, puppy, nice puppy.
See, didn`t l tell ya?
Doesn`t this beat
takin` strays off the street?
-You are a genius!
-Get off!
Sorry! l`m sorry.
l`m just a little bit excited.
That`s my very first felony.
l`ve committed a lot of misdemeanors,
but that was my first felony.
Why are they barking?
They`re dogs.
l know they`re dogs!
Go in the back and check.
Okay, doggies, what`s the racket back--
Okay, doggies, back in your house.
Back in your house.
Here, doggie, nice doggie.
No, doggie. Don`t jump.
Bad dog!
Good puppy!
Bad puppy, don`t jump!
Good puppy, don`t jump!
Come back! Stop the van!
Harv, what is it?
Why did you want me to stop?
Hurry, they`re gettin` away.
Hey, you, come back here!
Come here! l`ll give you a bone!
Come back here, you little runt!
Come here, you!
7:00 a.m. Up and at `em!
Ted, l`m sorry.
What`s wrong?
Did you have another nightmare?
Mom, it`s Saturday and it`s 7:02.
Do we really have to get up?
Yep, you heard your father.
l know, Daddy`s rules.
That`s it! l`m not gonna take it anymore.
Mom, l have a news flash for you.
lt`s Saturday!
-Yeah, l know, honey.
-This sucks!
Why do we have to get up
so early on Saturday?
Ask your father. Don`t say `"sucks.`"
The bathroom`s mine!
-Nanny, nanny!
-Shut up! Let me in.
Open up, you little wimp! Let me in!
-Mom! Let me in!
-You have no bladder control.
Wait till l get my hands on you. Let me in!
A puppy!
Guys, do you have to--
l dreamt l had a puppy, and it came true!
l take back everything l said
about you being cold and insensitive.
Dad, l take back
anything l ever said about you, too.
Dad, l have everything l ever wanted.
-l owe you big time.
Daddy, can we call him Fred?
-Let me have him. lt`s my turn.
-No, it`s my turn!
-l saw him first!
-l`m gonna have him for five more minutes.
We can`t have a dog. We can`t have a dog!
You can`t show a child a puppy,
then take it away two minutes later.
l didn`t show a child a puppy.
lt`s obviously lost.
-Occupy the kids. l`ll run to the pound.
-No, no way!
-lt`ll be destroyed.
-lf we keep it, the house will be destroyed!
-lt`s a dog. Millions of people have dogs.
-Not people like me.
Dogs sniff. They lick, they chew.
They drool, they scratch--
-Alice, they have parasites.
-Oh, God, yeah.
The kids`ll lose interest.
l`ll have to care for it.
lt`ll grow to be enormous.
lt`ll take over the yard.
The lawn`ll look terrible.
When the dog finally settles down, it`ll die.
Everybody will be upset. We`ll have
to get another puppy. Start all over.
-Do you understand?
-No. Could you be more specific?
-Alice, l need a little support.
-Okay, l`m sorry. All right.
How shall we handle this?
Go tell the kids.
-Come on.
-Come over here.
He loves me the

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