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It's going. It's going.
And it's gone.
Maybe we should take a break.
That's it. I can't take this anymore.
I can't. I give up.
I'm sick of struggling for survival.
Competing with gophers and
earthworms and that loser sparrow...
...who always takes my nuts.
And I'm especially sick of this stupid...
...stupid tree.
-What's happening?
I think he made it angry.
I'm awake.
I'm up...
...and I'm late.
Demo. Dave Seville.
Keys. Bag.
I need pants. Pants are essential.
How's it going?
I haven't seen you since....
Well, since you said you never wanted
to see me again.
So I guess it worked.
What a fun day that was.
Let me guess.
You're late for something again.
-Same old Dave.
-Not following you.
You know,
the guy who's always fooling around...
...who can't handle
a serious relationship.
That was the old Dave.
How about we get together,
talk about the new Dave?
Tomorrow night. My place.
-You look good, Claire.
Where are we?
Well, I think they remodeled our forest.
I like it. Stylish, yet functional.
Where did the mountains go?
Give me a break.
We're in a building, Theodore.
-Hey, big guy.
Hey, you ever seen the view
from the 80th floor?
-No. They never let me past the lobby.
-What? I can't....
Hey, back off, man,
this is Dave Seville.
Mr. Seville, can I offer you
some muffins, scones, pastries?
No. I'd hate to be a bother.
It's no problem.
We have an omelet station.
Omelet station.
Can I get you some water
or a soy latte?
How about a shot
of wheatgrass juice?
Maybe later. Thanks.
Let's talk about your song, Dave.
Well, as crazy as it sounds...
-...the original inspiration came to me--
-The song sucks, Dave.
-Your song? It's awful. I hate it.
You know, I mean, who's gonna sing it?
Justin, Fergie? Not a chance.
I need something new.
I need something fresh.
-That is new.
-The next big thing.
Dave, we go way back, all right?
And we've both come a long way
since college. You? Not so much.
I wanted to like that song,
but you heard it. Not that good.
If I wasn't your friend,
I'd say:
''Dave, you go right back
out of this office...
...and you keep writing music.
You'll get there someday.''
But I am your friend,
so I'm going to tell you...
...that there is no sense
in writing songs...
...that no one is ever,
ever going to sing.
Excuse me.
Can I get some of that water?
We ran out.
-Out of the way.
-...slow down.
-Move your butt, Theodore.
You stepped on my tail.
Last one to the door is roadkill.
I'm in.
What are these shiny things?
Theodore, we're leaving now.
Okay, this wasn't my best idea.
Look out!
Back to tree. Back to tree.
Back to the dog. Back to the dog!
-Basket! Three o'clock.
-Which way is 3 o'clock?
-This way.
-Guys, wait for me.
Wait up.
I still have baby fat, you know.
-Jump. You've gotta really want it.
-I want it.
-I want it.
-I can't hang like this all day.
Will you jump already?
Gross. Is this his house?
No. It's his garbage can.
This must be where he stores
his food for winter.
As it came down to one--
Boa has the mouse trapped on a branch
with no way out.
As the boa moves in for the attack...
...the mouse
seems to be facing certain death.
The boa's sensitive tongue
tastes the victim's presence.
The mouse crashes
through the foliage.
Come on, baby. Come to papa!
Hello, gorgeous.
We've hit the mother lode.
--tropical rainforest
where food is bountiful.
This is the greatest day of my life.
Eureka! I found the cheese balls.
Alvin, what are you doing?
Don't make a mess.
Quick. Hide.
Hurry, you guys.
Did I put these here?
There you are. I got you.
He's been out for quite a while.
You guys, he's dead.
Don't panic. Wipe everything down.
I need three garbage bags, a shovel,
some disinfectant...

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