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Georgiy Danelia
Script by R. Gabridze,
V. Tokareva, G. Danelia
Camera work
Anatoly Petritski
Music by Gia Kancheli
Sound by Evgeny Fedorov
Marzipan, this is Falcon.
Entered the landing zone,
requesting landing
conditions. Over.
Falcon, this is Marzipan.
Your height is 1800,
wind speed 2-3 south-west.
You have permission to land.
Hey, Zarbazan!
- Sign for the mail
- Signed for the mail
- What's your second aerodrome?
- Snori.
Announce boarding.
Flight Number 1,
please check your weight
Valiko! There were eight of them,
where'd the other sheep go?
- Did you count yourself?
- No.
Eight was including yourself.
Eight was including myself.
Buba Kikabidze
Frunzik Mkrtchan
Elena Proklova
Evgeny Leonov
Konstantin Daushvili
Ruslan Mikaberidze
Zakro Sahvadze
Maria Djuzheva
Rusiko Margeladze
Archil Gomiashvili
Why are you standing there?
- What's the movie?
- "Broken Heart"
- Is it about war?
- No, about love.
I place my money on No 13 and commit
my fate into the hands of the Almighty.
This is a roulette.
You bet money on it.
- Valiko, what does she want?
- She doesn't want anything. Dancing.
Respected sir, Mister Ali!
Here is a billion.
I ask for your daughter's
hand in marriage.
Ali! Don't leave!
He'll forgive you.
Farewell, Soreia.
A jug may be glued back together,
but a broken heart cannot!
He died. The end.
- Givi Ivanovich! Let me have
the car keys. - The tie.
I need to go to the city.
- No.
- Why?
- The muffler got lost, didn't it?
- That was a factory defect.
- The headlights got smashed?
- Was that my fault?
And yesterday Nadia found
a lipstick under the seat.
I explained that.
I took my sister to the hospital.
And what about
the champagne cork?
That's it! I'm not giving it to anyone
again. I'll learn to drive myself.
Kukush, hello!
Tell him to leave. Not enough air
to breathe in here anyway.
Zarbazan, be so kind and wait for me
out on the street, would you?
That's great. Please.
- Have a look.
- It's a bit tight.
It's hot. Heat makes objects expand,
and this is a winter hat.
In winter your head
will be smaller. Go.
In winter...
- Hello, Shota.
- Hello.
- May I?
- You are welcome.
Roza? It's me, Kukush.
Auntie Nina in Tbilisi, please.
An Azerbaijani, an Armenian
and a Georgian had an argument...
Auntie Nina, how are you?
How's Auntie Nadia?
Auntie Nina,
I want to ask you a favour.
Base 4 in Tbilisi has just got some
new school desks. Experimental ones.
Have we got anyone there? No?
In the milk factory? Even better.
No one will refuse them. Let them arrange
for some of the desks to go to our district.
At least enough for one school.
- Hello! How's it going?
- Your license.
- Have you heard that new joke?
- I've heard it. Your license.
- Maybe...
- Maybe not. Your license.
No, no and no!
5,800 Dutch chickens are waiting for me
in Tbilisi. What am I supposed to do?
Passengers take first priority.
A passenger can sit around for
two weeks and nothing will happen.
- But the chickens will go bad.
- Wait...
That cop doesn't respect you, you know.
He took your car, and your license too...
- Careful!
- What, is it glass or something?
Look here. Take it and
put it down gently. Got it?
- Don't recognise me?
- Valera, mate, listen.
- How on Earth?
- Deli is closed.
How are you, where?
Well, I'm... transporting chickens,
the Dutch ones.
This is Mimino. We've been together
in Voronezh Aviation College.
- Timofeeva
- Mizandari
- Komarova
- Valiko
- Larisa Ivanovna
- Valentin Konstantinovich
Is Mimino your name
or your surname?
- Mimino is "falcon" in Georgian.
- I can see the resemblance.
- See you, old man.
- Bye!
- Valiko! What's your shoe size?
- 42
Natella bought me some shoes,
size 41, but they don't fit me.
Give them to Anzor, he's size 41
Falcon and Hawk! Stop littering
the airwaves immediately!
By the way, Hawk, it's not Anzor
that's size

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