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Американский ниндзя 3: Кровавая охота

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Come on!
- Yeah... yeah!
- Come on!
Let's try and do this nice and easy,
without any blood.
Like a cobra, huh?
And if we can't?
I said we can try, Andreas.
Here in America, there's always
some smartass who tries to be a hero.
We'll soon be out of America.
We'll have money to build my new plant.
We've got a great future together.
Don't blow it.
Hey, Sean. When's your dad coming on?
One more fight
and they'll start the main event.
Where's Sean?
I don't know. This kid's never around
when you want him.
Come on!
Yo, work this shoulder.
Now breathe.
Go, go! Go!
- Hey, Sean! Sean, where you going?
- I'll be right back.
- Wait! I'll come with you.
- No. I'll be back before the next.
Use the crowd noise to cover our move.
- Get up! Get up against the wall!
- If they move, kill them.
- Come here, boy.
- Sean!
- Stand back!
- Don't shoot my son!
- Sean, look out!
- Dad!
Help him, Izumo. Help him!
I'm bleeding. The little brat bit me!
- Izumo? Is he...?
- I'm afraid he is.
Sean, in the last months you have
proven yourself a worthy student.
Thank you, Master.
Now it is time to continue your training
in the art of mikkyo, the secret doctrine.
First position.
Second position.
Third position.
Fourth position.
Fifth position.
Very good, Sean. First position.
First strike. Second position.
Third position.
Angle the sword down.
Fourth position.
Fifth position. Well done, Sean.
That's OK.
Four, five.
One, two.
- One, two...
- Ow!
Your body is merely
the vehicle of your soul.
Ultimate physical power can be achieved
only by way of spiritual power.
Your mind and soul over your body.
Remember that, Sean.
Mind and soul over your body.
Do you remember the first technique?
It's been a long time.
We have overcome your tragedy
and turned it into opportunity.
My doubts and fears of bringing you here
are at rest.
Your ability shows that
a greater destiny awaits you.
Now you must seek out this destiny alone.
Your training is at last complete, Sean.
Now you are a ninja.
Gentlemen, may I have your attention?
Thank you for coming. Please be seated.
Today is really a great day.
This project has been
over ten years in research.
But I'm glad that I can tell you that there
will be no more inefficient hijackings.
No more bungled kidnappings
or mistimed bombings.
Now terrorism can be scientifically
focused to be totally effective.
It all sounds quite impressive, Doctor.
But untiI you prove its ability
to defeat any human -
or should I say even the strongest
human? - they're not buying.
Very good, GeneraI Andreas.
That's a good challenge. I'll accept it, too.
We'll find a superhuman and show you
the power of our new experiment.
We'd be ready to strike within a month,
if not sooner.
Things seem to be going nicely.
Except for GeneraI Andreas. I don't know
how you tolerate his incessant demands.
His dissatisfaction
can work to our advantage.
UntiI he's outlived his usefulness, let him
think he runs the island. It doesn't matter.
Air Triana announces
the departure of its flight...
Excuse me. You're Sean Davidson, right?
- Curtis. Curtis Jackson!
- That's right.
- Good to see you again, man.
- Good to see you.
- Fighting lightweight?
- I'm just gonna do the sword competition.
Excuse me. Sorry. You made the cover
of Inside Karate this month.
- Dex.
- Hi, Dex. Sean Davidson.
Good to meet you, man.
It's a pleasure. It really is.
- Hey, this is Curtis Jackson.
- Dex.
- Of course. The sword man.
- That's right.
Boy. The English look, uh...
very pale, wouldn't you say?
That's Joe Simpson there. He's tough.
I see Tom Wright from Australia's
here also.
I ain't worried. I mean, uh...
we're Americans, right?
- This your first
Американский ниндзя 3: Кровавая охота

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