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-Hi, Dave.
-Welcome back!
Glad to be back.
Six weeks. You took your goddamn time.
l have been having a lot of fun.
-Goosing nurses?
-Not the kind l had.
Thanks for coming back
for Inauguration Day.
But you're not getting
the President to protect. Not quite yet.
You look a little shaky to me.
l feel okay, really.
You're getting One Momma.
-The First Lady?
-Don't hold it against me.
One of the hairy-chested Hollywood types...
tries to keep wearing a iock strap.
l've been reading and hearing about her.
Let's say that you're going
to miss the hell out of Nancy Reagan.
ln any case, it's nice to be back.
-Killian, hey, good.
-Killian, it's nice to see you.
-How's it going?
-Very good, real good.
-l'm feeling good.
-Good to have you back, Killy.
Hey, Charlie.
Hey, Killy.
Looks good.
-You know our duty.
-One Momma.
l hear she takes no prisoners.
l used to hang out with
a dame like that once.
She was a real equal-rights nut,
but it got embarrassing.
Opening doors for me,
lighting my cigarette, patting me on the ass.
Well, this is the way it will go.
Briggs, you and Weems ride the point car.
Tyler, you and Zipper ride the chase car...
Charlie, you ride with me
in One Momma's limo.
Here we are at the steps of the White House.
lt's a crisp 22 degrees. The President elect
has just entered his limousine.
So, it's a cold day in Washington,
but the people say the new president's hot.
Stay tuned for later details
and the president's wife.
She's coming down.
-Let's go.
-l guess we better get into action.
-Good morning, Mrs. Craig.
-Who are you?
-My name is Killian, ma'am.
-Don't call me ''ma'am.''
l haven't seen you before, have l?
-No, ma'am--
-l just told you not to call me ''ma'am.''
-l've been on sick leave.
-l see.
l'm replacing Lee Barstow as
Chief of Security. This is Miss Chang.
And l must impress upon you, Mrs. Craig...
how important it is
that you do everything l say.
lt's very important, Mr. Killian,
that you do everything l say.
Today is the first day of
a new administration, and l, for one...
am not going to be coerced
by your chauvinistic rules.
Do you understand?
l'm afraid not.
-What the hell is this?
-First Lady.
-No way.
-Tell her.
Miss Sims, you're in the chase car.
Mrs. Craig, we can't use this car.
Of course we can.
We haven't used an open car
since 1963, Mrs. Craig...
when President Kennedy was assassinated.
Don't be an ass, that was different.
l'm not a president, l'm a first lady,
and in the whole history of our country...
there has never been an attempt
on a first lady.
ln 1815, the British laid some
grapeshot on Dolly Madison's buns.
Yes, dear, that was war.
And, as you know, war is hell.
Now, either get in...
or get lost.
Now, there's a mugging if l ever saw one.
Mrs. Craig, it's not safe to sit up that high.
You mind sitting back down in the seat?
You're a real wart, Killian.
lf you don't get down,
l'll have to pull you down.
Killian, these are Italian shoes.
They qualify as a lethal weapon.
You lay one finger on me, and you'll
get one in the southern hemisphere.
That wouldn't work with me, boss.
Want me to take her?
Oh, my God, my eye.
What happened to the cop?
ln the crowd, he may have been hurt.
Oh, God, my eye.
We'll get you to a hospital.
Like hell.
l'm not missing Cal's inauguration
if this eye turns red, white and blue.
Well, you're a cinch for one of those colors.
Can somebody lend me
a pair of sun shades?
Anyone but you.
As for you, Killian, out.
You can walk the rest of the way.
l'll take care of myself. It'll be much safer.
''l solemnly affrm that
l wll fathfully execute...
''the offce of Presdent
oF the Unted States.''
l solemnly affrm that
l wll fathfully execute the offce...
of Presdent of the Unted States.
''And wll, to the best of my ablty,
preserve, protect and defend...
''the Consttuton oF the Unted States.

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