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Космический лагерь

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Only a shooting star.
Come on, Andie.
Everybody's watching on TV.
You can't see it
if you don't come in.
Can too see it.
Just another wisher.
He winked at me!
John Glenn winked at me!
I'm going up.
I am.
I'm going up.
We are at Tminus 19 days
and counting
toward main engine test
of Atlantis on July 23rd...
- Thanks.
- Hi, darling.
- I'm not going up.
- Yeah, I heard.
I can't believe it.
They chose Eddie Miller
instead of me.
He gets airsick in cars.
That's why I married you
instead of Eddie Miller.
I thought for sure I was
getting up there this time.
You'll get your chance next time.
Primary objective of the test...
You're damn right I will.
You're not gonna be the only one
in this family to walk on the moon.
Think of the bright side.
You get to spend your summer
with me at Space Camp.
Oh, no.
You promised.
I get to play "Let's pretend I'm
an astronaut" with a bunch of kids.
These aren't just kids, you know.
These are clean-cut
all-American kids.
Make me proud.
I believe this is
one of your kids now.
Yep, I'd recognize him anywhere...
clean-cut, well motivated...
Great boosters!
- Will you turn that down?
- What?
Would you mind turning that down?
Okay, okay, no sweat.
You want Space Camp?
No. My father
wants Space Camp,
but I want my head examined.
- It was worth it for the car.
- Let's hope so.
Would you get your ass
out of my parking spot?
Yeah, right.
Sorry about that.
Space Age technology, huh?
Have a good summer.
Make sure you check
that left mag, Dad. It's sticking.
Welcome aboard, campers.
I'm Zach Bergstrom,
director of Space Camp.
We're going to train you
just like NASA trains astronauts.
I didn't say "real astronauts"
because at Space Camp,
you are real astronauts.
Robert Pickett, Purple Team.
Lonnie Fowler, Red Team.
- Kathryn Fairly.
- Kathryn Fairly.
Blue Team.
- Hideo Takamini.
- Hideo Takamini.
Blue Team. Gardener...
Kevin Donaldson, Yellow Team.
Dennis Anderson,
you're with the Green Team.
Susan Lange, on the Green Team.
Ricky Powell,
you're on the Purple Team.
- David Joe, White Team.
- Chris Chu, White Team.
Okay, everybody, let's all
gather in the Rocket Park
where you'll meet
the other members of your team.
Leave your bags here.
You can pick them up later.
Come on, everybody,
let's move it.
Orientation at 1300 hours.
Four years ago
Space Camp was created
not only to provide you with
hands-on access to space hardware,
but also to teach you how
to work together as a team.
Hi, I'm Andie Bergstrom.
You're an astronaut!
The first female pilot!
Yeah. How did you know that?
I've read all about you in
the "Young Astronauts" program.
Let's see, you were the backup pilot
for the first Discovery flight,
but Coats got it instead.
Yeah. I remember.
What are you doing here?
- And what is your name?
- Rudy Tyler, ma'am.
Spit it out, Rudy.
Rudy Tyler, ma'am!
I meant the gum, Rudy.
You look like a guy with...
...a lot of energy.
I'm making you
Mission Specialist #1,
Equipment Function and Operation.
Wow. Thanks, ma'am.
My father told me when you come
to Space Camp, they give you...
We'll talk about it later, okay?
By the way, this is Space Camp
and not the Marine Corps.
- Yes, ma'am.
- You can call me Andie.
Hi, Andie. I'm Tish.
Tish Ambrosй.
Right there.
Yeah. So what brings you
to Space Camp, Tish?
Well, I did this audit at JPL
in radio astronomy.
It was unbelievable!
I mean, can you imagine
an extraterrestrial disc jockey?
Like, listening
to radio waves from space?
I mean, like waiting
for signs of intelligence?
- Like...
- I know the feeling.
I'm gonna make you
Mission Specialist #2,
Max! What are you doing here?
Checking in for my next mission
against the Empire, Your Highness.
Your next mission is to haul ass
back to Junior Camp right now.
Come on, Andie.
I've been at Junior
twwo summers
Космический лагерь

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