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До мозга костей

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Don't know why it seems
like a long, long time
Since I've been
on the move
Oh, I'm just tryin'to
find my way
Don't know my name
Livin'day to day
Just a little boy
who wants to have his way
Just can't keep still
and I'm
Falling out of love
Falling out of love
Sometimes it feels
like I'm runnin'out of time
Sand slippin'
through my fingers
Like rivers through my mind
On the corner
hangin' with the boys
I always will be
Falling out of love
Falling out of love
In and out of love
Out of love
Just foolin'around
Can't slow down
Shoulda listened
to what my daddy said
Just wanna be cool
Another fool
I can't keep still
And I'm feelin'
kind of blue
My eyes are red
But something keeps tellin'me
that I know
Just what is gonna become
of this little boy
this heart of mine
I keep on
Falling out of love
Falling out of love
I don't know what to say.
How about,
"The Lord is my shepherd"?
Come on, Angie.
Drop the gun.
Is that it?
Zachary Hutton,
Pulitzer Prize-winning
internationally acclaimed author,
about to be shot to death
by a jealous female,
and all he can come up with is,
"Come on, Angie. Drop the gun."
- Zach!
- I'll be right with you.
Who are you kidding?
You know as well as I do you're not
gonna shoot. You couldn't kill a fly.
I could if I caught it
fucking my hairdresser.
Angie, come on now.
Give me the gun.
Tell you what?
I'll be fair about this.
Community property...
I keep the gun, you get the bullets.
- But I saw you load it.
- You weren't paying attention.
I always keep
the first chamber empty.
Oh, really?
- Son of a bitch!
- You're overreacting.
Get out of here, you bitch!
- Angie!
- Goddamn it!
- Darling?
- Oh!
Come on, Angie.
For God's sake!
Good-bye, Zach.
- Please! Please!
- Hello.
- Alex?
- I thought you were on a plane.
- Engine trouble.
- Oh. I'm sorry.
You have me at a disadvantage.
You obviously know who I am.
- I'm Angela Smith.
- And what do you do, Angela,
- besides trying to kill my husband?
- Alex?
- Shut up!
- Shut up! I'm an investment counselor.
- And Zach's mistress.
- Who was that in the sheet?
My hairdresser.
- I think I get the picture.
- Alex?
If you still wanna kill him,
do me a favor and take him outside.
Those are new sheets.
Go ahead and shoot.
No. That's too good for you.
But I bet when that lady gets through
with you, you'll wish I had.
Wait a minute! Wait a minute!
Let's see
if I got this straight.
- Angie catches you in bed with...
- Tina.
In your house?
- She was cutting my hair.
- Bed?
I know it sounds turgid,
but I have a barber chair in my study.
Spurious perhaps,
but not turgid.
She was finishing up
with the blow-dryer.
A skittish instrument
if there ever was one.
- One thing led to another.
- Enter Angie with your.38.
Luckily, I always keep
the first chamber empty.
Oh, lucky, indeed.
That's the first empty chamber
you ever filled since I've known you.
Scotch rocks.
Barney, do you really perceive me
as a major compulsive womanizer?
A 42-year-old shooting star
in a galactic harem.
Can I be cured?
Do you wanna be cured?
I know it's ruining
my life, and yet...
"And yet." Two words that to one degree
or another plague us all.
You see, I truly love women.
- Oh, I see.
- I love everything about them, Barney.
I love the way they feel,
the way they smell, most of the time.
I have to admit, I don't like women
with long, round toenails.
But that is the only
abrogation so far.
And so far has been quite awhile
and quite a few.
- Oh, that's true.
- Out of soup.
I long for a meaningful...
healthy relationship.
And I was sure I had it with
До мозга костей

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