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Космические пришельцы

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gmailCosmic newcomers
Science believes that flying saucers
in nature dont exist.
But the creators of this movie.
Fantasists and dreamers.
Like to believe that meeting with
the cosmic brothers is more then imminent.
The time is near.
On the 2cond of September, in the year2011.
The center of cosmic research announces:
The night of the 2cond of September, 2011 year.
All orbital stations on
the earth confirmed that a
"Temporary passage" appeared
which will come down in a couple of minutes.
Explanations for this appearance
are not present at the moment.
This magic was seen by many people.
By the witnesses the view is
accompanied with a unknown appearance.
Different objects disappear In the sphere.
Which immediately
come back on their old place.
Several scientist announce
that the visitors from space.
Want to kill all non-intelligent beings.
The center of cosmic explorations announces:
The council for contact with alien civilizations
formed the squad known as "the search group"
The activities which follow for
sending transport to space......
Controller's office!
The commander of the search group here
I can see the target.
Try to get near.
Go to them.
They dont seem to be aggressive.
No radioactive radiation. Contact!
Right now.
Controller's office speaking.
Every body in service with the councils
for contact with alien civilizations.
Must get ready for work.
The contact group will commence
the experiment protection
I repeat!
Every body in service with the councils
for contact with alien civilizations.
Must get ready for work.
The contact group will commence the experiment protection
This is the robot soldier.
Attention! The laboratory of protection speaking.
We are beginning the experiment!
Looks like we are not going
to explore anything!
Controller's office speaking.
Contact group!
Can you hear me?
Why are you silent?
Contact group!
Controller's office, laboratory here!
Why are you silent?
What happened?
They cannot hear us.
They dont have to!
Now we should waste
our time with work!
For the beginning lets make a portrait
of the sphere with the help of light!
The professor!
I think they liked him the most.
The professor
Contact group.
If you can hear me. Your department discovered a
powerful energy force filed with an unknown structure.
We are making efforts to get to you!
Controller's office!
What is that?
Now I will answer him?
You believe that it can understand you?
Prove it!
I will destroy it with my laser!
Its better to stop.
Now I will destroy it!
Had enough?
Now looks like its my turn!
A perfect travel with all the accommodations.
Till the next meeting!
Contact group!
If you can hear me. Dont lose hope.
We shall try to get to you once more!
14, 42, 28
112, 18, 1, 46, 54 (nonsense)
Forgive me.
That is bad thinking!
Brother by thought!
You are interested in science! Is that so?
You want to store informations!
But what will it be if you come
between the planets population?
Thats very simple! You should see us.
We are simple minded.
We alone came to you! And very few too.
Friends we will be there in a moment.
We are so close to the target!
14 and 42 in 112 by 4, 28 (nonsense)
Robot soldier!
Build for extermination of the human race.
This is the vessel which transformed us.
Search for him… search for the vessel.
I am a soldier... mark my way.
We dont have the possibility to
locate the ship position
The neutrino soldier was evicted
from the sphere and left in the laboratory.
Now we are searching intensively for
the space ship.
The vessel of the newcomers will be found!
Translation by zemzela@gmailCosmic newcomers.
Part 2.
The expedition for contact
with the human civilization....
Will give the start signal.
Before the start we need to confirm.
The possibility of contact
with the captured scientists.
Космические пришельцы

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