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There he is! Let's get him.
Area 7 to Command. We could
use another survey team out here.
Ensigns McCauley and Gilles,
assist edaphology team in area 7.
Admiral Dougherty is waiting
for this. Transmit it to the ship.
Area 12!
- The android is out of control.
- Report.
- He's headed toward the village.
- We're trying to stop him.
- Over there!
Hold your fire.
What is it?
What's happening?
Base to Commander Data.
Re-routing microhydraulic
power distribution.
- Regulating thermal overload.
- Data, report to base immediately!
Transferring positronic matrix functions.
Engaging secondary protocol.
He's trying to remove the headpiece.
All field units,
intercept the android.
Artim, it's all right.
Get inside, now!
Everyone get inside now.
Back to your homes! Move it!
- Secondary protocol is active.
- They can see him.
Stop him! Now!
Commander Data, stand down.
That's an order! I repeat, stand down!
Who are they?
It's an M-class planet.
Population 300 million.
- Say the greeting again.
- Yew-chin chef-faw.
You either need a new uniform
or a new neck.
- My collar size is the same as it was at the academy.
- Of course it is!
Our guests are arrived.
They are eating the floral arrangements.
- I guess they don't believe in cocktails before dinner!
- My God! Are they vegetarian?
Does the chef have a dressing
that goes well with chrysanthemums?
- Bridge to Captain Picard.
- Go ahead, Ensign.
Command wants to know
our ETA at the Goren system?
- The Goren system?
- I need us to mediate some territorial dispute.
No, we can't delay our arcological expedition to Hanoran II,
that will put us right in the midtle of the monsoon season.
- Captain ...
- Thank you.
- The diplomatic corps is busy with Dominon negotiations.
- So they need us to put out one more brush fire.
Can anyone remember
when we used to be explorers?
Deck 10.
Remember, they have significant
less advanced technology than ours.
- They only archieved warp drive last year.
- Now they're a protectorate.
With the Borg and the Dominon,
we need all the allies we can get.
Captain on deck.
- You'll be expected to dance with Regent Cuzar.
- Can she mambo?
- Very funny.
- The Captain cuts quite a rug.
La Forge to Picard. I need to talk
to you before the reception.
Mr Worf!
What are you doing here?
He's a little late, can it wait?
- Tell him to come up here.
- The Captain wants you to join us.
There's a communiqu from
Admiral Dougherty about Data.
Regent Cuzar, welcome aboard.
Captain Picard, I welcome you
in the tradition of my people.
We are so honoured to be accepted
within the great Federation family.
- We have a dance later.
- I look forward to it.
- Counsellor ...?
- Nice bead work.
Captain, Admiral Dougherty is aboard
a Son'a ship in sector 4-4-1 .
He's requesting Data's schematics.
He doesn't say why.
Data was only scheduled to observe
the Ba'ku village for a week.
Geordi, set up a secure com-link
to the Admiral.
Hars Adislo. We met at the
Nel Bato conference last year.
Did you read my paper
on thermionic transconductance?
Would you excuse me?
He's not acknowledging
any Starfleet protocol.
- What precipitated this behaviour?
- I don't know. Now he has hostages.
We could be there in two days.
That's not a good idea. Your ship
hasn't been fitted for this region.
- There are environmental concerns.
- Such as?
We're studying various anomalies.
They call this area the Briar Patch.
We've had trouble
even getting a signal to you.
Just get me Data's schematics.
I'll keep you informed.
- His emotion chip?
- He didn't take it with him.
Send the Admiral Data's schematics.
Report to the galley and tell
the chef to skip the fish course.
I'd like our guests to depart
as soon as etiquette allows.
I'm going to ask Worf
to delay his return to DS9.
Sector 4-4-1 is on our way
to the Goren system.
- They are in opposite directions.
- Are they?


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