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Главная / Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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Previously on Lost:
The Others are coming. You have
only three choices: run, hide, or die.
- We do have a plan.
- Yeah, go to the jungle,
get some dynamite, blow open a hatch,
hide everyone inside.
Stop! Stop it!
Stop it, we can't!
Stop, don't light it!
4, 8, 1 5, 1 6, 23, 42.
4, 8. We're dead.
1 5. Doomed and dead.
- 1 6. 23.
- Hurley, you OK?
Huh? Yeah. Awesome.
I just... have to pee.
Great idea, dude,
go look in the burning death hole.
What is it?
It doesn't matter what it is.
We blew the door so we could
get everyone inside so they'd be safe.
That plan is not gonna work.
We'll never get everyone down in time.
- Water.
- Shallow. Sounds like a puddle.
- 40 feet down?
- 50, tops.
We could use the wire from the fuselage,
rig up a harness...
- John, we're leaving now.
- Yes. Great idea, let's do that.
- We all went through a lot to get here.
- The ladder is broken.
You're gonna lower
40 people down there one by one?
They're waiting for us
to tell them what do,
- so forget the harnesses.
- Jack...
Why don't we all just calm down here?
No, if you wanna go exploring in the
morning, fine, but tonight we're done.
I'm gonna get the dynamite we didn't use
and we're heading back to the caves.
So how about you pack it up, John?
Sure. Of course.
Why don't you want to go down there,
Female, late twenties, no lD.
Coded twice on the way over here...
- Where's the other one?
- They're on their way.
- Fire department had to use the jaws.
- What do we got?
- Female, late twenties, auto accident.
- What is that?
A piece of the steering column.
Let's go. Keep that collar steady.
- Page my father. Tell me.
- Tyre blew, car jumped the divider,
- hit an SUV.
- BP's dropping!
Pericardial's pierced. Was she driving?
- Yeah. Alone.
- Where's the driver of the SUV?
Watch your back.
Adam Rutherford, 57,
chest trauma, no breath sounds.
- Tube Mr Rutherford...
- I can't intubate, you've got to.
- Dr Shephard, her BP's 80/60.
- His breathing's deteriorating.
- Let's get a move on.
- OK. I need a syringe. A big one.
- You, hold pressure.
- Five gauge.
- Pupils?
- Fixed and dilated.
- By carotid.
88/52, no radial pulse.
I know, I know. Sac's flooded.
- Where's that...
- Here. Got it?
- He's dropping, come on.
- Doctor, we're losing him!
BP's stabilizing.
Time of death: 8.1 5am.
- OK. Get me a blood gas and a C spine.
- Right away, doctor.
Get her up to lCU
and keep her immobilised.
I wanna dance at my wedding.
- Did you hear that?
- You need to take it easy, OK?
- Just relax...
- What did she say?
She said she has to dance
at her wedding.
I wanna dance.
OK, no one is out there.
No one is coming.
But the French woman said...
The French woman
is missing a bloody wing nut.
I mean, it was all bollocks.
It's a ghost story.
She set the fire herself.
Has anyone seen Vincent?
- The dog? Anyone seen him?
- No, I haven't.
- Has anyone seen the dog?
- No.
- Where are you going?
- I lost the damn dog.
Why'd you do that?
Why'd you light the fuse, man?
Why wouldn't I light the fuse?
Maybe because I was running
towards you, waving my arms,
yelling, "Don't do that!"
Well, you've got a point there.
I guess I was excited to get inside.
That's why we came here, isn't it?
That's why we went out
to the Black Rock,
and got the dynamite to blow the hatch.
We did it so we could get inside, Hugo.
And to save everybody's lives.
And to save everyone's lives.
Or maybe it was just our destiny.
Right, John?
Guys. It's the hatch door.
You'd better see this.
- Vincent!
- This is not a good idea.
I saw him five minutes ago.
you said there wasn't anyone out here.
I said we didn't see anyone.
The dog will come back on his own,
he always does.
Watching that dog was the one thing
anybody ever asked me to do.
If something happens to him...
When was the last time you slept or had
Остаться в живых (Затерянные) - Сезон 2

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