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First Creative Union present
All by myself at last...
Ages have passed since...
But I still couldn't help thinking of that flight.
Our transport shuttle started from The International Space Police Station.
And in a couple of minutes we got docked to the "Vaigach" patrol spaceship.
The spaceship copilot Gleb Skleretzky.
Spaceship doctor - Karl Zdenek.
Tina, stop it!
Report to the United Nations Astrospace Agency (UNAA) Control Center
Have entered the duties.
Spaceship captain - Lazarev.
The PC "Vaigach" main computer has entered the duty.
Report accepted. Officer in charge Luis Rivera.
Script: V.Smirnov, M.Kovalev, B.Travkin
Directors: Mark Kovalev, Vladimir Polin
Director of photography: Vladimir Fastenko
Production designer: Vitaliy Gladnikov
Music: Boris Rychkov
Director: V.Berezko Cameramen: V.Milioti, A.Mezhekov
Sound man: N.Kalinichenko Sound supervisors: V.Babushkin, E.Nekrasov
Edit: L.Knyazeva : E.Yamrom Costumes: V.Godina
Producer: Artem Maklozyan
Gleb Sklyarevskiy - YURIY GUSEV
Steve Wilkins - VILNIS BEKERIS
There's an object in our course. The object is called.
There's an object in our course.
It won't answer the call.
Platan-shield on!
Platan-shield is on.
Manual control on. Contact to the center.
Contact established.
What is up?
We are under attack!
An unknown ship has attacked us.
My comp is going to send the details.
- I'm waiting for further instructions!
- Accepted.
Attention to all the patrol spaceships of the sector 9.
Stay ready!
Space Police Base is calling Center!
We are watching an unknown object in our sector.
The object won't contact.
What the f*ck!
Fire! We are under attack!
Attention! Attention! Attention!
In sector 4, area 3
The unknown object has just destroyed the Space Police International Station.
"Omega" tracker station is speaking, over!
The unknown object has been identified.
It's the "Antares" battle ship.
She is heading into the Security Base sector.
The Security Base is speaking.
"Antares" is within the shooting distance.
It is aiming at us.
- Destroy the agressor ship!
- Accepted.
The ship survival systems are normal, commander!
Tina is dead...
News Break.
Today around 12 p.m. an unknown ship
opened fire at the "Vaigach" space police patrol ship.
Later, at  8 p.m.
the same unknown ship
destroyed the space police base.
All the people who were at the base died.
At 12 a.m. the "Omega" tracker station
identified the agressor spaceship.
It turned out to be the "Antares" spaceship,
property of the largest corporation "Meinhaus".
When the identified"Antares" spaceship
appeared in the International Security Base sector
she attempted to attack it.
The Base executed the Center's order and destroyed the hostile ship.
And now we are listeneing to the comments
of the director of the United Nations Astrospace Agency.
The dramatic incident, that took place,
has for one more time witnessed
the indisputable fact,
that the space piracy
is inspired by actions of the private megacorporations.
It is also determined
by so far humanistic ways of anti-piracy fighting.
Considering the information
UNAA shall undertake all possible measures.
This is all.
Thank you for listening.
And here is another mystery.
An hour ago
the richest man of our planet
multibillionaire Henry Flint commited suicide.
He was the president of the said "Meinhaus" company.
And now we welcome you to the galaxy conference,
where the intenational control committee
may try
to clear up the events, that excited the world.
The four men in the armchairs are the Directors Board of the "Meinhaus" company.
The uneasy man behind their backs is their lawyer.
And these are the intenational control committee members.
The lawyer

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