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Ten million dollars
for the missile chip.
Not a plan...
...but the chip itself.
Why the big price?
My clients have requested it.
I honor my clients' requests.
Sounds like your clients...
...want to build a missile
that can't be detected by radar.
I don't ask questions, Mr. Beaupre.
But whoever possesses this chip
could dominate the entire region.
- Good night, George.
- Good night, Mr. Cooper.
- He's clean.
That's what you asked for.
Air Force NSB-100, C series.
If that goes in a missile,
air defenses can't stop it.
Look, I got a plane to catch.
Where's my money?
Hide it in the toy car.
We'll slip it right past
airport security.
Let's go.
INTERCOM: Welcome to San Francisco
International Airport.
Do not leave your bags unattended.
Please remove your jewelry.
LADY: Here?
- Yes, ma'am.
Let's go.
Ma'am, you have to wait.
- Thank you.
GIRL: Thank you.
Next, please.
Thank you.
Oh, my God.
Move. Move!
Young man!
The Dallas, Miami, New York
and Denver lounges. Nothing.
Bars, restaurants, club lounge, clean.
When I was in the john,
I didn't see anything in there.
It has to be on a plane.
We are going to Chicago.
In the winter?
I packed tropical.
PILOT: Welcome to Chicago,
where it's 29 degrees outside.
Welcome to Chicago.
Here you go, sir.
Mr. Beaupre!
Mr. Unger, Mr. Jernigan.
Excuse me.
BEAUPRE: Out of my way.
ALICE: Move.
- Did you check any bags, ma'am?
- No. Floor it!
She's leaving.
That's him.
Excuse me, pop.
Can I ask you something?
You had a fare from the airport
around 1620 hours, January 8.
Senior citizen, female, Caucasian.
- What?
- About 4:30 today. Old broad.
- Oh, yeah.
- You got an address on that?
North Devon Park, Washington Street.
Describe the house, please.
Big, old...
... Tudor-like place.
- Details.
- Christmas lights, wreath on the door.
Christmas tree by the driveway,
and the driveway...
...was the only one
on the block not shoveled.
I'm done, Mrs. Hess.
I'm exhausted and sweaty...
...but you can't see
because I'm covered up.
You were to deal
with the snow promptly.
- Yes, but...
- "Buts" are for ashtrays.
I don't care for excuses. We had
an understanding and you broke it.
- Your word is worthless.
- Sorry. That'll be no charge.
So you can tell the neighbors
I stiffed you on a job?
Is this a loaf of the famous
San Francisco sourdough bread?
This won't make
a very tasty sandwich, will it?
Because of some silly,
inconsiderate boob who took my bag...
...I left my bread in San Francisco!
Pardon me, Mrs. Hess,
but I think I'm almost, maybe...
...possibly, probably
gonna be late for my dinner.
Consider this your payment.
I have no use for it.
Thank you.
And have your mother teach you...
...that it is rude to scratch
yourself in front of a lady.
Good night, Alex.
What a grouch.
They're all old...
...most of them are Tudor...
...all have wreaths
and Christmas trees...
...and the snow's all shoveled.
There are 14 houses.
The toy car must be in one of them.
We'll have to search them all.
- We'll come back when it's light.
- We're gonna work in daylight?
It's the suburbs, Mr. Unger.
Nobody's home during the day.
There you go, Speedy.
Charlie, I told you last year,
and I'm telling you now...
...I can't work weekends.
- Why not?
- I've got three kids and a husband.
That's Mary Lou. She has no life.
It means nothing to her
to work weekends, but I can't.
My house is half-renovated.
My kids have activities.
They need to see us doing more
than running to the car.
I can't explain over the phone why
we're so excited about this product.
I'll be

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