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WARDEN: We live in the new time.
The year is 41, and the Protectorate
controls all the water on Earth,
and therefore, all life.
l am the Warden of Orphanage 43,
one of the many orphanages
that border the wasteland.
Children are brought here at an early age
to be indoctrinated to serve The System.
It hurts me to do what l do.
l, too, must serve The System.
Sometimes in my dreams,
l see the Earth as it was before,
green, with flowing rivers
and mighty oceans.
Can it ever be like that again?
There is a legend,
a tale told by the Tchiganis,
that speaks of a visitor
that came from the heavens.
The people called it Bodhi.
The legend says that it has come to Earth
to free the waters once again.
Is this legend true? Who knows?
-We challenge.
-And we accept.
-By the rules.
-(SCOFFS) Sure.
You want it by the rules?
Then let it be squared fair.
-AII right, let's go!
-PLAYER: Lead off!
TUG: Okay, go! Go! Go!
PLAYER: Pick it up! Pick it up!
RABBIT: Go, Charles!
Right now! Hit it up!
-Watch out! It's clear!
-RABBIT: Pound him, Jason!
-Hey, Jason, look out! He's behind you!
-Watch your back!
-Who saw it? I didn't.
Okay, then. No rules!
METRON: He's open! He's open!
Crunch him ! Crunch him !
TERRA: Stop Gavial! Get him !
Free ball! Free ball!
Jason! Jason!
GAVIAL: Skate, Petey!
METRON: Jason!
-Jason! Over here!
-Get the ball!
-Watch his legs!
-Move it!
GAVIAL: Come on, Metron,
you're in the clear!
Go for it! AII right!
You got it!
METRON: Break left, Jason!
RABBIT: Come on, defense!
Gavial! Come on, Gavial!
-Come on, Terra !
METRON: Nice speed! Nice speed!
TUG: Come on, Jason!
PLAYER: Go! Go, get them ! Skate!
-Come on, keep it tight.
-Quick, over here!
Scramble! E-Cops!
This is E-Police.
-Come on!
-Let's go!
-Come on, let's get out of here!
-JASON: Move it!
JASON: Let's accelerate!
You are in orphanage perimeter violation.
You are surrounded.
Hold for immediate restraining action.
You are warned, perimeter violators.
Scatter! Use the cave!
Stun weapons have been authorized.
You are warned
and reordered to hold positions.
TERRA: Tug, watch out!
JASON: Skate! Come on!
(TERRA Yells )
GROCK: Gavial!
You are warned
and reordered to hold position.
You are surrounded.
You have had special treatment, favors,
training by experts
from my maiming squads.
-Do you deny that?
-No, Strictor Grock.
And yet you allow yourselves
to be trashed
by left-brain rollers using homemade gear?
Strictor, if we just had...
Cut your breath
before you betray your putrid thinking!
Without me, you're nothing,
you don't exist.
You're an extension of me.
If you are defeated then I am defeated,
and that cannot be.
MAN 1: Where'd he go?
MAN 2: Down one of the mine shafts.
MAN 1: Forget about him.
I can hear.
You did it. You fixed my ears.
Thank you.
What's your name?
I can hear!
I can really hear!
Where's Daniel? He always beats us back.
-Well, what if they caught him?
-Not a chance!
JASON: Let's move or we'll miss roll check.
-Come on!
-MAN ON PA: First call. First call.
Water privileges will be announced
at free schedule assembly.
-MAN: Come on!
-Fall in. Fall in!
Dorm unit commanders,
start your head count.
Staffers, ready your group.
Where's Daniel?
-Unit 12.
-I don't know!
Hurry it up, unit 12!
Unit seven!
Unit four.
Unit eight.
Unit nine.
You better be quiet now.
I'II be back as soon as I can.
Do you like air? I mean, do you breathe?
Well, better


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