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- Hi.
- Hi, come in.
- ShaII we go?
- Sure, I just have to pack my things.
-What things?
- My things. I'm moving!
-The States!
-What?!The States?
- It's true!You know mom's boyfriend?
He Iives in America.
Mom's moving there and I'm going with.
-What you gonna do there?
- I don't know.We Ieave on Friday.
-You're kidding!
- It's true!
- It's a dumb joke.
- It's true.What am I gonna do here?
- I can't beIieve you're moving.
- BeIieve it, I'm going...
- Can I pay for a pack of MarIboro Iater?
- No, you can't.
-WaII Street,then?
- I said no.
-We aIways can with the other cashier.
- Don't Iie, girIs.
-We're not Iying. We can...
- I said no!
- Bitch!
-What you doing!
- Doesn't matter, I'm off to America!
How come
you decided to go to America?
Mom met her boyfriend
through one of those dating agencies.
He's Russian,
but he Iives in America.
It's incredibIe!
- Shit... I'd aIso Iike to go away.
-You can visit me in America!
What's this about''America,America''?
What's she shouting about?
- She's going there.
-You're just Iying. ReaIIy?
- Can't I come with?
- No.
Take me with you. I speak EngIish.
Hello, my name ls Volodya.
Listen...there was something
your mother wanted to say to you.
Go on.
Sergei and I have discussed it-
- and decided it's best
if we go over first.
We'II go first
and you'II come a IittIe Iater.
-You're big now.
-What!? I'm going to Iive here aIone?
That's just how it is.
If it doesn't suit you...
then you don't need to come at aII!
It's just me and you.
Just the two of us.
- I'II just say goodbye. Be right back.
- Fine.
Honey... I have to go now.
I Ieft some money.
I'II send more when I get there.
Aunt Anna wiII be here soon.
Can't you at Ieast give me a hug?
I'm Ieaving.
- Good bye...
- Bye.
Wait, mom!
Mom! Don't go!
- My IittIe daughter...
- Don't Ieave me, pIease!
Don't Ieave me, mom!
Don't go, stay with me,
I won't make it!
Don't go, mom!
If we don't Ieave now...
- I'II caII. I'II caII you!
- Mom!
I'II caII when I get there!
-Who is it?
- So... Has she Ieft?
- Get dressed.
- Let's go, we're off to your new flat.
-What new flat?
-You're going to Iive in another flat.
This flat's too big for you.
I toId you to get dressed.
- I'm not going.This is my flat!
-You must obey me.
Let's go.
Here it is.
The oId man that Iived here died a few
weeks ago.These are his things.
-Are you crazy? I'm gonna Iive here?
-Yes, you wiII.
As Iong as your mother isn't here,
I decide.
Everything's here: fridge,windows,
it's warm...
-Why can't I Iive in my flat?
- No one can pay for it.
I can't and you can't.
- If you don't...
- No way I'm Iiving here!
If you don't want to Iive here,
Iive on the street.
-You bitch!
- It's the streets or an orphanage!
- Hi, LiIya.
- Hi.
Our Father,who art in heaven.
HaIIowed be thy Name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy wiII be done.
On earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daiIy bread
And forgive us our trespasses. As we
forgive those that trespass against us.
And Iead us not in to temptation,
but deIiver us from eviI.
For thine is the kingdom, and the power,
and the gIory, for ever and ever.Amen.
Very good.
You couId do better.
Are you stiII here?
I thought you'd gone to America.
You did reaIIy weII in the test.
-A goIden future awaits you.
I was kidding.
Go to heII, bitch! You can be sure
I have a goIden future ahead of me.
Where are you going?
- Can I come with?
- No,you can't.
-You can have gIue if I can come.
- Let's see.
Wow, are those Nikes? ReaI ones?
My little sun, rlse up...
- Look at aII the medicine I found.
-Where'd you find it?
-The toiIet.
- It's not mine.
-Whose is it?
- Maybe the oId man that Iived here.
-What's this?
Give it here!
What you doing! Kids

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