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InstituteJuice by Tappy! Juice by Tappy!
Juice by Tappy!
ohhh, Tappy's got juice!
Tappy's got juice!
- Whoa, Tappy!
- (Cheering)
(Tappy ) Juice! Juice! Juice!
Juice by you! Juice by you!
Juice! Juice by you!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
- We got a winner.
- (Audience ) We got a winner.
- I said, we got a winner.
- We got a winner!
We got a winner!
She's a flight attendant
from Washington, DC.
Please welcome Mary Kellington.
(Audience ) Juice by Mary!
Juice by Mary! Whoa...
Harold, please, not again the TV.
Ma! Come on, Ma! Why do you have
to make a big deal outta this?
You know you'll get the set back
in a couple of hours.
Why you gotta make me
feel so guilty, Ma?!
Jesus! What are you doing?
Trying to get me to break
my own mother's set? Or radiator?
And maybe blow up the house?
Your own flesh and blood! Is that
what you're trying to do? Your son?
Why you play games with my head,
for Christ's sake?
Harold, I wouldn't do that.
The chain isn't for you.
It's for the robbers.
Then why won't you come out?
(Rattles door)
See what I mean?
See how you always upset me, Ma?
Christ's sake.
(Sighs )
Come on out. Please, Ma?
Ah, screw it!
This isn't happening.
And if it should be happening,
it would be all right.
So don't worry, Seymour.
It'll all work out.
You'll see already.
In the end, it's all nice.
Shit, man. That motherfucker's
starting to look a little seedy.
You particular all of a sudden?
I don't care,
just as long as we get our bread.
Just give me a hand, Tyrone.
(Woman ) look at that.
- Hello.
- (All) Hi.
Fuck, the table too!
What do you want?
You want me to schlep it on my back?
- You got a friend.
- I ain't my leper's schlepper.
Such a son. Your mother needs you
like a moose needs a hat rack.
( # Dance music)
(Music pauses )
Shit, man.
This is some boss scag, baby.
- I mean, dynamite.
- Oh, man, it's something else.
You know what we need to do?
We need to get us a piece of this
Brody shit, cut it up and off it!
We could double our money... easy.
Buy some pieces
and we got some whole other shit.
That'd be righteous.
I'll bet in no time we'd get a pound
of pure straight from Sal the Geep.
That's what I'm talking about,
baby - no hassles.
- How's it goin'?
- What's up, buddy?
- The usual?.
- Yeah, sounds good.
Anything else? Huh?
- (Waiter) Anything else?
- Ah, no.
Nothing. I'm all right.
- Good afternoon, Mrs Goldfarb.
- Good afternoon, Mr Rabinowitz.
Although I'm not so sure
how good it is. And you?
- What can I say? You want your TV?
- Yes, if you don't mind.
Mrs Goldfarb,
can I ask you a question?
You won't take it personal?.
How many years we know each other?
Who's to count?
Why not tell the police?
Maybe they could talk to Harry.
- He wouldn't be stealing the TV.
- I couldn't do that.
Harry's my only child.
He's all I have.
Thank you, Mr Rabinowitz.
'Join us in creating excellence.
(TV) 'You have
more passion for living.'
(Audience ) 'Be excited!
Be, be excited!
'Be excited! Be, be excited!
'Be excited! Be, be excited!
'Be excited! Be, be excited!'
'They got the juice?'
- 'Yeah, they got the juice!'
- 'Juice it up.'
(Audience cheering)
- (Man ) 'Hello? Who is it?'
- (Mumbles )
(lift bell rings )
Aw, shit. Now what?
(Phone )
- (Man ) 'Mrs Sara Goldfarb?'
- Me. Speaking.
This is lyle Russell
from Maylin and Block.
- I'm not interested.
- 'Wait. I'm not selling anything.
'I just want to offer you
a chance to be on television.'
'That's right,
Mrs Goldfarb. Congratulations!'
- look, I don't have any...
- 'I don't want money.
'I'm calling to tell you
you've already won.
'Maylin and Block discovers
contestants for TV shows.
'You've been chosen
from a long list -
'meaning, you've already won.'
- Ohh...
- 'Yes, Mrs Goldfarb.'
I never thought I'd be
on television. I'm just...
'That's right. You, on television.


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