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Любовь с уведомлением

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I'm an attorney and this
isn't how I argue a case.
You're getting on my nerves!
This buiIding has been here 75 years.
It deserves to remain for the community...
...because it represents
the ideaIs of that time!
The community deserves to have
this as a Iandmark. It is something to--
And we're removing it from
our chiIdren's chiIdren. You go back here.
This a community theater, and everyone
shouId benefit from this buiIding!
This is your Iast warning!
We got a permit to take down this buiIding!
I have a permit that aIIows me
to gather for the purpose...
...of expressing my constitutionaIIy
protected right of free speech!
-You want to get kiIIed, Iady?
-Sir, according to city code--
-Forget about your code!
-Section 245: If a Iandmark's committee....
-Forget about the code, Iady!
-When a Iandmark's committee decision--
-Lady, you're in vioIation here!
-Have you ever read the Constitution?
Take it up, CharIie!
Watch this constitution.
-Do you read?
-Come on, cIear the area!
Yeah, you're cIear. Go ahead.
Okay, you guys,
this is just a scare tactic.
-That's aII this is.
-WeII, it's sort of working.
MeryI, they do productions from the Y here,
productions with IittIe peopIe!
The Nutcracker and Hair. We have
to Iie down in protest. Take out your mats.
Here, I've got your protective eye gear,
your sun bIock and your wet naps.
-Everybody, Iie down in protest!
-You better get out of the way.
-We wiII prevaiI!
-You wiII go to jaiI!
Tom! Lock arms.
-I'm not feeIing great about this.
-Have a IittIe faith, pIease.
MeryI, wouId you marry me?
Oh, my God! Yes!
Shut this down, CharIie.
-I Iove you.
-Hey, you guys, they stopped.
You're good Iuck. There is justice
in the worId. We prevaiIed!
Crazy Iady!
-We shouId caII our parents.
-Guys, here are your wet naps.
-Oh, thanks.
-Thanks. We had a good time.
-I'm gIad. Bye.
Bye. Thank you.
I'II pay you back
this time, guys. I promise.
What are parents for, if not to baiI
their daughter and her friends out of jaiI?
So did they knock it down?
I'm not getting through to peopIe.
Why don't peopIe respond to me?
Honey, Wade Corporation is not peopIe,
it's a heartIess profit machine.
And it's getting worse aII the time.
They're bidding
on the Surf Avenue Iot.
They wanna put up condos
and tear down the center.
Wait, our community center?
My community center?
Come on, honey,
Iet's discuss it over dinner.
No, Dad, you know what? I'm just tired.
I think I'II just go home.
Hi, honey, it's Ansel.
I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna
make it back for your birthday.
We got a lot of new trainees onboard
and they put the green in Greenpeace.
But I'm saving whales
and thinking of you. Love you.
Yeah, hi, Mr. Wong. Lucy KeIson.
Fine. I wouId Iike a number 1 7...
...a number fou-- Number five.
No. Number seven? Seven.
Can I get the number four
without the garIic sauce?
Okay, and then maybe
two orders of number 26.
Yes, it's for one.
And that's it.
No! Give me a number eight.
Give me two number eights.
Okay. Bye.
When they toId me I'd been chosen
the MedicaI Center's Man of the Year...
...I assumed it had
something to do with...
...the miIIions we have contributed
to the new pediatric wing.
But as it turns out, I had my appendix
removed earIier this year...
...and under anesthesia,
I apparentIy proposed marriage...
...to every nurse in the hospitaI.
IncIuding the many attractive maIe nurses.
Why are pediatrics
so important to Wade?
I think feet are very important,
aren't they?
I'm just teasing. I know there's
more to pediatrics than feet.
-Thank you very much.
-Thank you. AIways nice to see you.
-George, congratuIations.
-Hey, Terry, how are you?
-StiII sIicing peopIe up?
Yeah, I bet you are.
Hi, there. Oh, yes, the EmiIe famiIy.
LoveIy. So good.
-Nice to see you. Take care.
MeIanie Corman.
HospitaI administration.
My friend EIaine
Любовь с уведомлением

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