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David, could we just
sit in the courtyard for a minute?
Just a minute?
What, sweetie?
Where's my room gonna be?
I thought we'd share a room for a while.
Would you like that?
My old room, from when I was a kid.
You need to go back to sleep.
You have a big day tomorrow.
You doing OK, Jules?
We're almost there, sweetie.
Come on.
I don't wanna go out there.
- It's OK, honey. I promise.
- I'm scared.
What if I hid you?
Would that be OK?
Like on my shoulder,
under my coat?
- The whole way?
- Yeah, the whole way.
- What kind of food do they have?
- On the airplane?
In America. Grandma and Grandpa.
The best.
- Do they have toast?
- Of course.
Welcome to Berlin
International Airport.
Do not leave your luggage unattended.
Unattended luggage is subject to
collection and search by airport police.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Julia, how many times
do I have to tell you
not to wander away from me
in public places?
- How many times?
- I was hungry.
Honey, it doesn't matter.
You scared me to...
- Look, you really worried me.
- Sorry.
What kind of snack do you want?
You want this one?
- It's so big.
- It's the biggest.
What kind is it, Mom?
It's an E-474. It's brand new.
Did you make it?
See those huge engines?
Mommy helps make 'em work.
Those men could fall.
Don't worry, honey.
They're not gonna fall.
But they could.
Aalto Flight 9583.
Passengers with small children,
please proceed to Gate...
OK, that's us. Ready?
- Can I hold my own ticket?
- Sure.
You carry it
until we get on the plane, OK?
26, and on the right-hand side.
Yeah. There we go. Right here.
Welcome to Aalto Airlines.
- Stop. Wait, stop. No pushing.
- It didn't even hit me.
Stop it.
- Can we have our candy?
- No candy on this flight.
I'm holding onto it.
Here we go.
All right, so we're row 25.
Do you see what's going on
with your kids?
How will we work this out?
Guys, stop.
Dad. Why does she get everything
all the time?
- We like her more.
- We want you to calm down, OK?
Calm down.
Enjoy your flight.
- Hi. Welcome aboard. Right this way.
- Thank you.
Excuse me. Ma'am?
I've got two questions for you.
What are the movies?
And how loud do these headphones go?
Never quite loud enough?
I wish you guys
would do that with bricks.
That way it would end faster.
Those empty seats in the back
are starting to look pretty attractive.
Thank you. Guys, stop it.
- Hi, Stephanie.
- Hey, Bill.
Could be some high maintenance
in row 25.
I heard 'em.
I think the people two planes away
heard them.
Tell the new kid
it's OK to laugh about the passengers.
It's OK to hate the passengers.
They've just shut down Frankfurt.
Thank God we aren't going to Frankfurt.
We may not be going anywhere.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we apologize for the delay this evening.
We should be taking off shortly.
Bob, what was that?
I don't know.
It's nothing to worry about.
They have to nick the ice off or the
air won't pass over the wing properly.
You just sleep, honey.
And when you wake up,
we'll be somewhere else.
We'll be in New York.
Daddy, too?
Daddy, too.
I love this part.
You OK?
Do you want me to get the steward?
How'd you like a whole row to yourself?
Last couple of rows are empty.
We could take a few seats
and we could stretch out.
Would you like that?
Honey, I fell asleep.
Are you watching this movie?
Not too funny.
Course at 36,000ft you can't just
up and walk out of the theater.
- Did you see a little girl go by here?
- No, sure didn't.
My daughter...
- How long have we been flying?
- Three hours. Maybe a little more.
- Can I help you?
- I'm looking for my daughter.
- There's a girl in the lounge.
- Thank you.
No, she's six, my daughter.
You probably saw us.
I was carrying her aboard.
Of course. Yes.


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