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present a film
by Andrea Sedlackova
set designer
costume designer
sound by
edited by
music by
director of photography
produced by
I don't know when I figured out
that this story had no end.
I don't know when I realized
that we led immoral lives.
I don't know when I noticed that
I couldn't go on without her.
I don't remember when I first
forgave my sister,
when I started to admire her
or started to fear her.
It surely didn't start when...
Repeat what you said!
I'm old enough
to do what I want.
And how old are you?
You know how old I am.
You've turned seventeen so
you think
you can play dirty
games with your brother...
You should be ashamed!
He's not my full brother.
Let go of me!
You're too young to be showing
yourself to anybody.
Too young, too old,
you should make up your mind...
Let go of me!
I'll show you!
I won't let this happen!
- Let go of me.
- Leave her alone.
- You shut up!
- Stop it!
So you won't leave her alone?
That's enough!
- Leave him alone!
- You stay out of it!
I'll beat that shit
out of their minds.
Stop it!
Mirek, Jana,
come back here right now!
This can't be true.
- This can't be true.
- What are you talking about?
This can't be true.
We obviously killed him.
It was your idea
to take off the rung.
I did it for you.
He beat you more than me.
Swear that you'll never tell
anyone how it happened.
- He's dead...
- Swear...
Much happiness to you two
may it last long and true
since that's the hardest to do.
It's the hardest to do...
Thank you once again
for coming tonight.
I have a favor to ask.
Don't say anything to my brother.
You know how sensitive he is.
I'll explain
everything to him later.
- Good evening.
- Hi.
We worried you wouldn't show up.
You really took your time.
I always wonder what you do
in that tower so late at night.
Could you get another chair,
In case you haven't met, let me
introduce my brother Miroslav.
This is Lucie, my new colleague
at the hairdresser's.
And this is my best friend Olga.
She's been here for eight
years but you've never met.
That's because you never go out.
You're always so grumpy.
This is Mr. Josef Dubina.
- He's a new doctor in town.
- Nice to meet you.
Long live our lady of honor...
All the best to you, Jana.
How dare you kiss her like that?
But that's normal.
It's your sister's birthday.
- Who's this guy, this doctor?
- He moved here about a year ago.
- Supposedly he's very nice.
- I think he's vermin.
You mean like a fox or a skunk?
I judge people as either
verminous or harmless...
I have it easy.
I divide them into good and bad.
- That's so boring.
- Eat something, Miroslav.
He immediately offends people
he's interested in
so he doesn't lose face.
You asked me to come so I did,
and now I'm leaving.
you wanted to meet my friends.
Is it really possible to call
all these people your friends?
Yes, it is possible.
- Let's drink to your health.
- Let's not.
Will you dance with me?
Take your coat off.
- My sister's new victim.
- What do you mean?
We are all somebody's victim.
We love to sacrifice ourselves.
Don't you?
- No, not anymore.
- That's what you think.
We always sacrifice more
than we intend to.
You are my soul,
you are my heart
You are my pleasure,
a dream so sweet
You are my world
that gives me life
I long for you, my paradise
You are the hollow where
I forever bury my sorrow.
I am home, kids!
It's time to divvy up.
Let's take out the envelopes
and empty out all the money...
Close your eyes!
Okay, Miroslav, look how much
money we have today.
I'd love to have some pork.
- How about potatoes with cheese?
- Hurray.
That's what we ate
everyday last week.
Check Thursday.
There's more money there.
Mom, I think
we should sell the piano.
No way! We still have
father's accordion.
What's up? Wait, I'm playing...
Where is your husband?
I sacrificed him
to another

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