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Как разобраться с делами

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UFI live for the World series, right?
I grew up in California,
so I follow the Angels.
But I was born in Chicago, right?
so I don't know who to root for!
The Angels or the Cubs.
If I say Angels, my dad'll kill me.
If I say Cubs, my friends'll kill me.
I just can't wait!
so I've got seats behind home plate.
...closed at 23 and MKR Industries
closed up at 48.
It's a warmer 53 October degrees
in Chicago this morning.
We have early morning low clouds
which should be clearing midday,
and we should see a high of 65.
But for now, let's return
to early morning classics.
You're like a case study
in obsessive behaviour.
l'm shaving.
And l'm messing up
your shaving schedule.
Just tell me you are not going
to do any work this weekend.
l promise, no work.
Last weekend was an emergency.
This weekend it's you and me
and Lake Winnebago,
and l can't wait.
Do you realise how long it's been?
Let's see.
As l recall...
it was very good.
- Oh, my God!
- Yes!
- Oh, my God!
- Yes!
- Oh, my God!
- Yes!
promise me one more thing.
l won't bring my filofax. l promise.
The hometown fans need to
rally behind our Angels.
I'll be down there to greet them
and I urge you to join me
in welcoming them home
tomorrow morning at lAx.
For one fan I have an added incentive.
cream of shit, seven days a week.
...correctly, two tickets to game 6
sunday in Anaheim will be yours.
so, in honour of the Cubs, it's ''What
two Cubs pitched no-hitters in 197 2?''
milt pappas. burt hooton.
Oh, man, guys!
Whatcha going to do when you get out?
Get arrested!
l wouldn't leave you guys
alone here, would l?
come on, speech!
here's to the cubs
winning the World series.
And to big tits!
hey, Warden!
how you doing?
Gentlemen, this is
an unauthorised festivity.
These guys are just throwing
a going-away party, nothing big, special.
Well, it's over.
pull that banner down.
mr Dworksi, this is a prison.
not a discotheque.
You're my responsibility until
your release time sunday night at 6:00.
That's 60 hours.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
before he gets out of here,
l'll burn that troublemaker.
Don't worry about it, Jimmy!
We're still looking for a winner
for those tickets to game 6.
now, this morning's question again,
''What two Cubs pitched
no-hitters in 197 2?''
The number to call, 555-77 20.
They're giving tickets away
to the World series.
Yeah, so?
so... 555-7720! 555-7720.
breathe, breathe. That's great!
Don't forget my frozen yogurt, baby.
can l use the phone?
- Goodbye, Yolanda.
- Bye, honey.
- sure thing.
- bye, Yolanda. Thank you.
- t ou're on the air.
- On the air?
- What's your name?
- jimmy dworski.
- Where are you calling from?
- l'm calling from... my car.
All right! now go for the tickets.
What do you think?
Yes, for the tickets.
milt pappas, burt hooton.
hooton and pappas.
t ou got a winner! That's what you got!
t es, sir. Meet me at los Angeles Airport
tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m.
l won! l won! l won!
l'm gonna see the cubs!
he hopes the sale of the fifth
will be easier
now that they've been widely advertised.
This is such a shock.
Ah, that's part of business, spencer.
Listen, what do you know
about the high quality foods account?
l read this morning that
sakamoto's Japanese syndicate
bought high quality
and 86ed the GpG Agency.
That's a huge account. huge account!
spencer, l want it.
l need you to take my place this weekend.
- This weekend?
- You're going to L.A.
You're going to pitch our ideas
for their new national campaign.
something dynamic.
something with pretty girls.
something wrong?
Elizabeth and l were going to Wisconsin...
sakamoto is flying out
just to see our campaign.
They'll work through the weekend.
You'll meet him at the malibu Tennis club.
sort of a ''get to know you'' kind of game.
lt'll be a strategy review meeting
with the president.
Diane connors.
she's a
Как разобраться с делами

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