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Когда опускается ночь

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-Aren't you cold?
-Sharpens the mind.
-Even if contemporary people
deny it,
even if they ridicule
modern culture was built
on this moral law.
And our hungerfor
the certainty of this law,
for a spiritual anchor,
for an immutable, eternal truth
is proof... of it's existence.
Especially now,
after a few decades of
relativistic situational ethics,
our society is tired
of constant change.
And as we approach
the millennium...
-Transformations are
a basic staple of mythology.
Transformations from human form
to animal forms and vice-versa;
of gods into humans
and humans into gods;
of wind into blood,
flesh into water,
ugliness into beauty.
The human need for change,
progress, movement,
is reflected
in the ancient stories,
which are told over and over
again in different forms.
[ bell ringing ]
Okay, uh, Chapter 12
for Thursday. Thanks.
-Professor Baker.
l was wondering if you could
help me with something.
-Of course, Professor Bergin.
What with?
-Uh, well, l have to prepare
a speech on very short notice.
-What speech?
-Well, it's just
the keynote address
to the lnternational
Theologians' Conference
in Chicago.
-Professor Bergin...
That's wonderful!
-Yeah, it is!
Let's do something exciting
tonight, huh?
-Yeah, something really crazy.
-Hey, remember, Martin,
Calvinists are not supposed
to have sex standing up.
-l know. 'Cause it might lead
to dancing.
-Camille. Martin.
-lf you have time, l'd like
to meet with you latertoday.
Four o'clock in my office?
-Sure, Reverend.
-And don't book anything
immediately after.
l'd like for us
not to be disturbed.
-Hugh really is brilliant,
you know, Bob?
Ah no...
Oh no!
Bob, come!
Bob? We went overthis,
''Come'' means ''come here''.
Oh, Tillie.
-l'm 47.
-Yeah, that's great.
But have you seen my dog?
-Ah yes, he walked by here
about half an hour ago.
l remember because
it was the first time
l'd seen him without you.
He was charging along like he
had an appointment or something.
Thatta way.
-Thank you.
-Don't you love it the way dogs
sometimes get this look
like they got a hectic schedule
to follow? Busy, busy!
-Are you all right?
-My dog just died.
-Oh. l'm sorry.
-l loved him so much.
lt's pathetic, really.
-No. No, it's not pathetic.
lt's, uh... Animals love you
in a way people can't.
So uncomplicated,
really, you know?
Whetheryou're successful
or not, or ugly or beautiful...
they don't care.
-Yeah. Thanks.
-Oh... lt's okay, it's okay.
How did he die?
-l don't know.
l don't get it.
He... he wasn't that old...
He just snuck away and...
l found him in an alley.
And you know what?
l realized that...
l loved him more than anything,
anyone, l'm suppose to love.
Oh, dear...
What a blubbering idiot!
l think everything good
just goes,
[ washing machine beeping ]
Oh, they're done.
l'll get yours.
-Yeah. Just relax.
You know,
l really didn't expect
to be this long. l gotta run.
-Oh. l'm sorry.
-Uh... sorry about your dog.
-lt's okay. Thanks.
[ door opening ]
-Ah... Where'd you get that?
-Do you like it?
-Yeah. lt's...
lt's wild. Where'd you get it?
-Oh, ljust picked it up.
l think it has a certain...
reckless charm, don't you?
-Yeah... Yeah...
lt's fun.
-Okay, we should get going,
-We are going to a meeting
with the reverend, remember?
-Very funny.
-Camille, you can't wearthat.
He's gonna think you've lost
your mind.
-And l've lost mine.
-Martin, this is the era
of the individual, remember?
You've got to stop worrying
about other people's opinion
of you.
Okay? Let's go.
-But if l do take their offer,
we'll need someone else
to fill the role
of chaplain.
An appropriate successor
would concern me... greatly.
-Well, chaplain
Когда опускается ночь

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