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- Honey, I'm home.
- Roger that.
Copy at the boathouse.
Right on time.
Faisil, getyour butt in here.
Harry's inside.
Yeah, yeah, I'm coming.
I'm coming.
- Hey, wereyou born in a barn?
- Whorehouse.
All right. You got
your fur-coated razor blade there...
and a bunch of guys with guns.
I'm switching to sub-vocal now.
Check, check.
- Check... check,.
- It's talk radio.
- You're on the air.
- Check.
That guard nearest to you
is moving away.
He's at the service door.
He's inside.
Have you seen Khaled yet?
Yep, there he is.
How come billionaires
are always short?
Excuse me.
Colonel! How areyou?
- It's so good to seeyou again.
- Yes, it's been a long time.
- Terrific.
- Who was that guy?
Could you hold this
for a second? Thanks.
You should be crossing the main foyer,
heading forthe stairs.
Keep moving. Keep moving.
I'm in the library, heading out
to the second-floor balcony.
Modem in place.
Transmitting now.
It's a good hook-up.
These are encrypted files.
It's going to take me a few minutes.
I got your password.
- Magnificent, isn't it?
- Yes, quite.
I thought I knew Khaled's friends,
but I don't believe I've metyou before.
We haven't met,
because I certainly would remember.
Renquist, Harry Renquist.
- Juno Skinner.
- Juno Skinner.
Come on!
"Juno Skinner,
arts and antiquities dealer...
specializing in ancient Persia. "
This is Persian,
if I'm not mistaken.
Very good.
Sixth century BC, to be exact.
- Doyou like the period?
- I adore it.
We got a problem.
Guards are going apeshit down there.
Acquired most ofthese pieces
Doyou tango?
Harry,you do not have time
to tango, buddy.
You copy?
Don't be stopping to smell
the roses now. You hear me?
- You gotta get out of there.
- Yes! Files are unlocked!
Fast Faisil strikes again.
I'm in. I'm down, baby.
I got my hand up her dress,
and I am going for the gold...
Just copy the goddam files, okay?
Wow. And I thought
this was just gonna be...
another bunch ofboring bankers
and oil billionaires.
Seconds count.
Ditch the bitch.
Unfortunately, I have to leave.
I have a plane to catch.
Well, call me sometime.
My offices are in Rome.
I would like that.
Son of a bitch is with her two minutes,
and she's ready to bear his children.
what'syour exit strategy?
I'm going to walk
right out ofthe front gate.
Ballsy. Stupid, but ballsy.
Sir, may I see
your invitation, please?
Sure. Here is my invitation.
Shit. Here we go.
Slight change in plans.
We're en route to
the lower rendezvous point.
Repeat, back-up rendezvous point!
- Watch it!
- It's called ice, and it's slick.
- Harry, doyou copy? Whoa!
- I got it.
Oh, my God!
Whoa! I got it!
I got it! I got it!
- There he is!
- Shit!
Hi, guys.
That worked good.
Right out the old front gate.
Can you lean back a second?
Let's go.
We can still make our flight.
All right, that's it
for Mr Renquist. Okay, go.
We got Harry Tasker billfold,
Harry Tasker passport, ticket stub.
Hotel bill, Tasker.
I got two postcards here from Geneva.
Got some house keys right there...
and I've got a souvenir
Swiss snowing village.
- What's that for?
- It's for Dana, stupe.
Bring your kid home a gift,
the dad thing.
Nice touch.
- Pick me up tomorrow at 8:00.
- Will do.
The debriefing is at 1000.
- Seeyou at 8:00. Bye.
- Hey, Harry.
Did you forget something?
What a team.
Sleep fast, buddy.
Hi, honey. How wasyour flight?
- It was fine.
- Good.
Broughtyou a little gift
from Switzerland. Snowy village.
Wow. Thanks, Dad.
- I've never had one ofthese.
- You're welcome.
You're late for school.
You better get going.
- Don't forget to feed Gizmo.
- Okay.
It's pretty lame.
- I'm late.
- Yeah, me too.
How'd it go at the convention?
Make all the other salesmen jealous?
It was fantastic.
You wouldn't believe it.
You should have been there.
We were the big hit ofthe

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