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1871 then?
No, Father was born in 1872.
How much older than Mom?
Eight years.
Then he is 69.
So, Mom was born in...?
The year of the Dragon.
Eight years since we last gathered.
For Father's 61st Birthday.
You were small then.
You wore a sky-blue hair ribbon.
You still remember it?
You looked nice wearing it.
I wished I'd been old enough
to wear one.
You're old enough to get married now.
And Mom's 61 now.
I never thought you would
marry my brother.
I didn't know you had a brother, either.
Did you want to?
May be no.
Hello, nice to meet you!
He is here.
I stopped off on the way.
How are you?
Good, thank you.
I like your sash.
A gift from my husband's co-worker.
From mom, she wore it
when she was 22 or 23.
She wore such subdued sashes
when young?
The photographer is here?
What about Shojiro?
He often fails, Dad does not trust him.
So, we don't consider him
Everyone is here?
Yes, you are the last.
I will go to congratulate Mother.
She is with Mother.
In the living room.
Good afternoon.
It's been a while.
You look well.
What have you done?
We went home.
Nowhere to go?
What happened then?
I made a mistake.
That was the right answer, my sister
is 3 years younger than me.
I wrote: My sister is 3 years old
and younger than me.
You did? That was wrong.
Grandpa, will the teacher pass me?
I doubt it.
I wonder.
It has been a long time, father.
You look well.
Happy birthday Mum!
Thanks, thank you for your gift.
I am wearing it now.
It's like yours.
Isn't it too red?
I turned 61 years old.
That means, I returned to babyhood.
Another gift.
Really? Thanks.
This is for dad.
For me? Thanks.
Come here to your aunt.
Everyone is here. Come to the garden.
Have you called taxis?
Yes, three.
Let's take pictures and eat.
Will you come?
Will you?
Then, let's go!
Let's go!
Are we all here?
Really? Where is Shojiro?
Call him?
I will go.
What are you doing?
We are all ready.
Change your clothes.
This is okay.
Wear a suit.
They are all in the garden.
Which tie?
Any tie will do.
Be quick.
We are going out too.
We will eat lunch together,
we called a taxi.
You look lovely.
I praised you.
What's keeping you?
Hurry, grandpa is mad.
Don't scare me.
Were you asleep?
You sleep too much, hurry up.
Act quickly!
Hurry, or I will kill you.
He is coming.
He never changes.
Here he comes.
You stand there.
Everyone is ready?
Sorry to keep you waiting!
Will you move to the left?
A bit more.
Here we go, move a little more.
Don't laugh!
Here we go!
Thank you!
Let's go over there.
Have my parents come home?
He came home but went out again.
Don't know
I'm back.
Sorry to be late, I went to see Tokiko
Did you come straight home?
Mother and I had some tea.
We walked to Hibiya Park.
The flowers were lovely.
We heard music at the hall.
How nice, you two alone,
after such a long time.
Yes, When was it we went
to view flowers together.
Two years after the Great Earthquake.
The 1923 quake? Years ago.
More than ten years ago.
So many years? I was happy today.
My entire family came.
I am glad I live long.
The food was delicious, wasn't it?
What food?
With white sauce.
You asked for more.
That sure was good.
Want something to eat?
Shall I have an apple pie?
Please do, change first.
Excuse me!
I feel fine, my face still feels hot.
You drink too much.
The sake was tasty, listen.
Old people have joy in their
own way, right?
Ryokichi is in high school by now.
Life is fun.
You will soon have more grandchildren.
My glasses...
I feel so good, I am drunk.
Give me some water.
A wet towel too.
Yes, thanks!
Please give me a glass
of water and towel.
What's the matter?
What's the

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