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The Ural tale
Screenplay by
Directed by
Cinematography by F. PROVOROV
Production Designers
Costume Designer
Music by L. SHVARTS
Danila-Craftsman - V. DRUZHNlKOV
The Mistress of Copper Mountain -
Prokopyich - M. TROYANOVSKY
Granddad Slyshko - A. KELBERER
Severyan - M. YANSHlN
Landowner - N. TEMYAKOV
Landowner's Wife - A. PETUKHOVA
Old Craftsman - N. ORLOV
Vikhorikha - L. DElKUN
Yefimka - S. ZAlTSEV
Danila-Boy - V. KRAVCHENKO
About sixty years ago,
at one of the Urals factories
there was living out his days
an old man named Slyshko.
Hey, who's there?
Who's loafing about the public
bridge at such an untimely hour?
By whose permission?
That's us, kids form the factory.
Don't you ''us'' me.
Say it clearly who is coming.
Sorry, granddad.
We've come for fairy tales, grandpa.
For fairy tales?
What an idea!
The fairy tales are only
about the Speckled Hen
and the golden egg, an all such stuff.
Old women tell them to little babies.
l guess you're too big
to listen to them.
And l cannot tell them.
Those l knew l already forgot.
l only remember ones
about old times.
And them are called not fairy tales,
but folklore and narratives.
And one cannot
tell them to just anybody.
One should be wary.
You little starlings.
Running about all day,
shouting and waving your hands.
Feel like making your ears work now?
All right.
l'll tell you one,
about Danila the stone-carver,
his bride Katya
and the Mistress of Copper Mountain.
- ls it a new fairy tale, granddad?
- But don't you interrupt me!
Those who listen carefully,
will see everything
as though with their own eyes.
Well, listen now.
There lived at our factory
a craftsman
named Prokopyich.
He was the foremost about
malachite things.
No one knew the soul of
stones better than he.
But as he was getting old,
Prokopyich felt sick
more and more often.
You know about stones,
And l know about herbs,
which has what power.
Some help from rheumatic pain,
others from strain.
Drink this, Prokopyich,
it's from fever.
There he is.
l guess you've got a guest.
Severyan Kondratyich himself!
What a cruel man you are!
Just you wait, we'll find a way
to stop you.
Shut up, old witch!
The Mistress of Copper Mountain
has long had her eye on you.
l'll have you banished
to Siberia for your witchery!
Siberia is far away,
and death is near,
it won't overlook anybody.
And she'll get to you, too.
When will you finish the candlestick?
You're getting me in a fix.
The landowner isn't one of us,
he won't listen to excuses.
When he orders something,
he wants it right away.
l'll get stronger...
...and finish it.
Yes, you sure got old, Prokopyich.
Any day now
we may have to bury you.
And who will
work on malachite then?
l think l'd better tell Yefimka
to send some
smart boys to you.
Teach them your malachite profession.
Let them learn
every little secret.
Yet Prokopyich...
either he was reluctant
to part with his craft,
or for some other reason,
but he taught them very badly.
Doing everything by spurt and prod.
The stone, like man,
has a soul.
Not everybody can understand it.
And here l got some little
rascals to teach.
What can they
understand about stones?
Why are you staring at me?
You blockhead!
Look at the stone, not me!
At the stone!
Learn to understand it!
Who am l to teach now,
Severyan Kondratyich?
l guess, only myself.
What good can come out of you, Danila?
You're going to ruin your life.
And will get me, the old man,
into trouble, too.
You know Severyan Kondratyich,
if something happens,
he'll have no mercy.
What are you thinking about, anyway?
l don't know myself, granddad.
About nothing.
Couldn't take my eyes off the flower.
A bug was crawling over the leaf,
itself all blue,
and with something yellow

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