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Excuse me, can you tell me
this, where Delmare Berry lives?
He ain't here.
Go on inside, baby.
He's a friend of mine...
Well in fact, he wrote his
address down... right here.
You can see that's Delmare's writing.
I sure had a hard
time finding this place!
- That's his writin'.
- Like I said, he's a friend.
My name is John Rambo. We served
on the same team together in Nam.
I don't know if he
ever talked about me...
I've got a picture of us together.
This junk in my pocket!
Here... here it is.
That's me, that's Danforth,
Westmore, Bronson, Ortega,
and there's Delmare, right in the back.
We had to put him in the
back because he's so big,
if we didn't, he'd take
up the whole picture!
Delmare's gone.
- What time will he be back?
- He died.
Died last summer.
Died how?
Cancer. Brought it back from Nam.
All that orange stuff
they spread it around.
Cut him down to nothing. I
couldn't lift him off the sheet.
I'm very sorry.
Morning Amy! How are you doing, girls?
- Great, thanks.
- Alright this morning?
- Andy!
- Howdy, Will!
- Good morning, Dave!
- Hi, Sheriff!
Gonna take a bath this week?!
You... you visiting someone around here?
You know, wearing that flag on that
jacket, looking the way you do...
you're askin' for
trouble around here, friend!
- Headed North or South?
- North.
Jump in, I'll make sure you
head in the right direction, huh!
- Where you heading?
- Portland.
Portland is South, you said
you were headed North.
You got some place I
can eat around here?
There's a diner about
30 miles up the highway.
Is there a law against me
getting something to eat here?
Yeah, me.
Why are you pushin' me?
What did you say?
I said why are you pushing me,
I haven't done anything to you.
First of all, you don't ask the
questions around here, I do. Understand?
Secondly... we don't want
guys like you in this town.
First thing you know
we got a whole bunch
of guys like you in
this town. That's why!
Besides, you wouldn't like it here...
It's a quiet little town.
In fact, you might say it's boring!
But that's the way we like it.
And I get paid to keep it that way.
Portland, straight ahead!
If you want some friendly advice...
Get your hair cut and take a bath.
You wouldn't get hassled so much!
Hope this ride helped you out!
Have a nice day, huh!
Where the hell do
you think you're going?
Hey, I'm talkin' to you, goddammit!
Let's see some I.D.!
All right, you're under arrest!
You hear me? You put
your hands on the car.
Now you put your hands on
the car, and you spread'em.
Are you gonna put
your hands on that car?
How you do it, you
decide, right now!
Put your legs back.
You try to be nice to some people!
Well, what do we have here, huh?
What would you be
carrying a knife like this?
Don't be a wise guy! What
do you hunt with a knife?
Name it.
- Hi, Will.
- Lester.
Harry, buzz us in, will ya?
Hey, talk about your
sorry looking humanity!
Just another smartass drifter.
- Morning, Arthur.
- Morning, Will. What do you got?
I want you to book
this gentleman for
vagrancy, resisting arrest,
carrying a concealed weapon.
He says he uses it for hunting.
Huntin'? What do you hunt, elephants?
See if you can clean him up a
little. He smells like an animal!
Hey, Mitch... Mitch!
Escort this young man downstairs.
Yes, sir.
Right this way, partner.
Right here.
That's it.
OK, here we go.
You know, it looks
like it'll take old Leroy
about 10 years to paint this hall!
Why don't you paint it your damned self?
Come on Leroy, sling that paint, boy!
Mr. Ward!
Would you take this for me, please?
Your name?
Your name!
Hey... you're lookin' to trouble?
You came at the right place, buddy!
Oh, wait a second.
You got three seconds
before I break your face in!
He means it.
Yeah, I do.
What do you know about that?
Old Harry here is a soldier!

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