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Translated by CrNiL
At the end of a war
which lasted 50 years
The Great Asian Federation has
defeated the European Federation
Almost all of the Eurasian continent
has been brought under control
But the severe discrimination and oppression
of the government which strived for Unitarianism
has ignited terrorist uprisings everywhere.
Among which the war of the 7th district
has worsened dramatically.
The Military Department has decided to assign
more troops in order to crush the resistance.
Many young people are being sent there.
...That I, today, on this meeting of the Health
Department of the Glorious Asian Federate Republic
...may present the findings of my
research to you is truly a great honour.
As you all know
Our country has improved prosperity
on the whole of the Eurasian continent
But we should not stop here and rest
We should strive for
even greater prosperity.
The very first issue to
solve is Public Health.
radioactive and Industrial waste,
bacteria used in chemical warfare
More than 60% of all our citizens suffer
from these life-threatening diseases
The situation is becoming dangerous
Especially the physical mutation
rate has risen to a hopeless level
Already our current medical
technology fails to offer treatment.
I will now present you
the results of our research
Which is ShinzoSepo ( Neo-Cell)!
The findings of my research was
the discovery of the existence
of a special cell which I call NeoCell.
The NeoCell is the sourcecell which can be
transformed into any kind of human cells.
Into all organs, skin, bone,
sinew, nails, haircells.
Since this NeoCell is
biologically produced
Whenever you need an
organ you can make one.
Just like that!
You could even generate a whole body!
And there are no rejection syptoms
This is exactly what we
all have been waiting for.
It is the dream of a new technology.
What is the practical use of it?
If I had the facilities
then I could now..
Its only a theory... we have
many researchprojects too.
Father, are you going to listen to this?
Until now this theory
could not be tested
if you provide me with the facilities
and the budget for my research
then all citizens could
benefit greatly from this.
You and your children...
Your parents... and..
My beloved wife!
Let's get married when the war is over.
Are we fighting so that we can
enjoy to see this kind of landscape?
50 years is so awfully long.
Now I don't even have the
strength left to crawl...
I have read your thesis.
Regeneration through NeoCells
It is really a
marvellous new technology.
IF you really can make it work.
Of course I can.
if you can continue
your research, right?
Dr. Azuma!
Those bunch of Health Department stiffheads
can't recognise the value of your research.
No, it wouldn't be good if they could.
Because here the word
for 'original human'
has become a taboo.
I believe I haven't
introduced myself yet,
I am Naito Kairo from
the Naitco Hairol Company
Actually we were ordered by someone
to build a researchfacility for you
based on your thesis.
What... How?
- The Military gets around..
General Kamichu?
Perhaps if you would
like to come by tomorrow?
The Army base is where your
research facility is located.
Your wife...
You said she was ill?
What do you have to say?
we can make our dreams come true.
- Azuma Residence
- Mr. Kozuki! Just a little bit to the right..
Yes, that's good.
And perhaps if you put your
hand on your daughter's shoulder?
Aah yes, great.
Are you thinking of
going to Kyoko (city)?
Even though you are sick?
Does Luna have any idea?
If my friends are fighting
I can't just stay behind.
Don't you want to become a doctor?
I only want to serve my country.
You don't know what war is!
Well, it's better than being a coward.
Can't we get along just only for today?
Enough mother!
Keep taking pictures, please.

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