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Патруль времени 2: Берлинское решение

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BreachTime Travel
When You Think Of It It Is Very Easy
And Everyday You Are Doing
The Same Thing In The Same Direction
But How If You Can Change The Time
That Is The Victiness Of The History
Isn't That Enough To Be An Oberservor
If You Have Power To Change That
You May Know Well About The World
May Be I Can Help You
I Work For Tec
Time Control Commision
These Theory Can Be A System
That Is A Nature To Use Your Advantage
We May Be Regret About Right Or Wrong
Very Simply
We Live In This Moment
No Matter What Reason Is
I Won't
Let It Control Me
To Be Locked In The Time
I Have To Betray The Time
If We Decided By Time
If We Can Change All These
How Would We Be
What Can We Do
Tomas Grayffis
Mary Peggy Keller
John Beck
Tova Smiley
Let Me Look At Your Paper
You Baters Get Out Of The Way
Get Out
Not Bad Johnfeeis
Thank You
But He Is Still Standing
Not Any More
All Get Out
May Be I Should Call Her Out
How Can You Be So Long
You Are To Save Them
You Are Not So Stupid
Blow Me
Let's Go
Time Is Not Much
Not Bad
Everything Is Ready
You Are Just A Chinese To Me
Germany In 1948
We Are All Controled By Nazy
I Hope So
Don't Worry
It Is The Time
She Is So Charming
It Is Him
What Does He Doing Here
What Can I Do For You
Seems That One Shouldn't Come Come
Sir Please Allow Me To Introduce
This Honouable Men From Japan For You
The Ambastor From Japan
Very Glad To Meet You
He Said That
He Is Very Glad To Meet You
Tell Him That He Is A Criminal
I Am Very Glad To See
If He Is Sentenced To Death
He Said That This Is His Honour
To Meet You
You Are So Great
All Traning Don't Pay Off
Sorry That I Can't Say The Same To You
You Japan Baster
General I Think
That You Have Much To Talk With Him
Please Excuse Me
What The Hell Is Happening
Let Me Cut Is Short
I Think You Shouldn't Come Up
All Are Over
Sir We Don't Allow Others To Be Here
I Just
Sorry Here????
Very Glad You Are Here Watter
Because You Are
The Only One Who Can Understand
Yes Forget What You Learn
See Where Are You Now
Do You Realize
What We Can Complish Here
We Together
Don't Get In
This Won't Happened
You Won't Let
A Mad Man Kill Millions Of People
They Died 80 Years Ago
But They Won't
Now Is 1940
They Are Still Alive
You Know That Is Impossible
You Will Change
No Please Come On
This Is What You Father Told Me
Help Me
You Won't Let Me Down
I Know It Is Hard For You
But You Should Do The Right Thing
Put The Gun Down
You Put The Gun Down
Put The Gun Down
Or You Time Travel Is Over
It Is Wrong Not To Save Him
Shoot Shirley
Everytime It Is Hard To Come Back
Every Jump
Many Things Are Left Behind
Many Things Are Behind You
Because You Are Serching
Something That Doesn't Exist
Something As Part Of You
Something That Can't Be Changed
I Have Been In This House For A Month
Enjoy My Time
I Know Someone Are Wating At Me
I Am Just Waiting
Waiting For The Chance
Or I Will Fell Bored About It
Several Years Ago
The Government Think
It Is Necessary To Amend The History
Evens Are Changed
The Fact Is
They Failed On These Things
To Made Us Belive
They Create The Science Of The History
They Should Be Serious
But The Fact Is
They Give Support To The Government
Many People Struggle To Climb Up
Scients Can Do Nothing To This
If I Can Change This Before Us
That Is My History
Goodmoring Friend
Your Tech Is Not So Advanced
I Have Noticed About You For One Day
Don't Talk About Shit Lion
What Are You Doing Here
I Just Want
To Find A Place To Spend My 30S
What Are You Doing Here
Goddamn It
You Know What We Are Doing Lion
We Come Here
To Make Sure That
You Won't Abuse Your Super Power
My Power
Come On
You Are Different From
Others When You Are 4 Years Old
If We Are Not So Tight On You
You Would Be Anyone
So You Are Finding A Kid In This City
If So
I Won't Get You Invovled
Or You Can Be Scientist
Патруль времени 2: Берлинское решение

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